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  1. RJIF

    Richard Hammond critical

    :eek: :eek: :( sorry to see this, such an energetic and enthusiastic guy - hope all is well and he recovers soon.
  2. RJIF

    Accident witness.

    Taxi driver at fault.merc at standstill, taxi should have no reason if driving properly to hit the guy. enough said.
  3. RJIF

    Happy Birthday Lazarus

    :bannana: Happy Birthday 'J', have a top one mate :bannana:
  4. RJIF

    Gone Mad!!! (defecting)

    MMmmm...well ill state the obvious - it'll never be a merc! but it does look quite the bruiser and has plenty to boast about spec wise, life is to short my friend cars come and go so enjoy the the variety of life while you can ;) looks great, im sure you will find much pleasure in your new ride :)
  5. RJIF

    HOW TO: Ruin a brand new S-Class

    MMmmm, Grill is a little over conceptual but overall for what it is not a bad effort, quite interesting!
  6. RJIF

    I'm back . . .

    :eek: :eek: sorry to hear the news. hope you get fit and well soon chap, glad your ok. Regards, Rich.
  7. RJIF

    I need a new mobile phone.

    hi Janner, ive been with vodafone on contract for best part of 10 years and im convinced that there is no such such thing as free anything in their books or that of any other mobile provider. find the small print and read it, you know the old sayings - there is no such thing as a free lunch and...
  8. RJIF

    Happy Birthday Kinky

    :bannana: All the best on your Birthday, have a good'un :bannana:
  9. RJIF

    Air Rifles

    In my opinion, a spot of back yard target practice calls for a pistol! i own 3, one is a FAS pneumatic professional target pistol .177 single shot (used to be member in a club) the other two are both C02 .177 calibre the first being an 8 shot walter ppk-replica (as in recent bond films) and the...
  10. RJIF

    Change of Car

    Future... Still want that Sl 500 Present... Mercedes c180 Sport 1985 Ford Capri laser 2.0ltr (work in very slow progress) Gone but not forgotten... Ford fiesta xr2 1.6ltr Metro city 1.2ltr (i think?) Robin rialto 850cc Honda Fireblade 1000cc (longterm loaner from house-mate at the...
  11. RJIF

    Happy birthday greetings to:Benziman, Busker, RJIF

    Thanks all for your B'day wishes :) just got back online after week away. thanks again ;)
  12. RJIF

    Happy Birthday Pluggers!!

    :eek: Just saw this thread, A belated but very big Happy B'day to you matey :)
  13. RJIF

    Time to move on

    Sorry to hear that your moving away from MB but as you say there are many fruits, has been a pleasure meeting you and talking to you :) dont be a stranger ;) look forward to seeing you again some time, perhaps another oxford gtg. look after yourself, Rich.
  14. RJIF

    buying US spec W124 320CE Convertible

    Keep the SL, its a beautiful car as it seems that there is nothing wrong with it anyway i rekon you should keep it until you at least find something you want to change to on home ground, again - great looking SL ;)
  15. RJIF

    Crashed my car - Think its a write off

    :eek: sorry to hear of your bad luck, Glad to hear your ok though. hope you get things sorted for the best ;)
  16. RJIF

    Happy Birthday Ian_B_Walker

    :bannana: a very Happy B'day to you today mate, hope you get all that which you have wished for and more:bannana:
  17. RJIF

    Happy Birthday Imadoofus!

    :bannana: just saw this! a belated but very happy B'day to you chap:bannana:
  18. RJIF

    Happy Birthday Mambo

    :bannana: All the best on your Birthday chap, have a good one:bannana:
  19. RJIF

    Motoring hates, the complete catalogue

    2 things:- 1, mobile phones! anyone who uses their mobile phone as in hand to ear style not handsfree device needs a slap. there have been so many times that i cant count that someone has been in front, behind or to the l/h/side or r/h/side of me and been on a mobile and has seemingly been...
  20. RJIF

    Happy Birthday - Nickmann, Koolvin & myfirstmerc

    :bannana: birthday best to ya chaps, enjoy :bannana:
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