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  1. Fizzer

    GL 164 tyre choice

    Tires are ridiculously expensive here in Arizona. I had Continental (275/50/20) fitted last time at a cost, from Discount tire, of a little over $1300. 15000 miles later I am ready to replace them. so, off to Discount tire, to find that a set of continentals are now a little over $1400. I have...
  2. Fizzer

    Hillman Imps / Our other cars

    My wifes 1st car was a Sunbeam imp sport. That had twin headlights, twin carbs and a woodrim steering wheel. It is long gone now but I still have the steering wheel on the wall of my garage. I had the second gen Hillman minx at the time, that was the rustiest thing I have ever seen. I did only...
  3. Fizzer

    X164 Front Suspension Bush

    I am waiting for the control arms to be delivered so that i can change mine. I was told that the bushes were not available seperately. Although I am not convinced that the garage were just trying to make the job easier, and more lucrative, for themselves. They quoted $2200, but I got them...
  4. Fizzer

    Advice required RE G Wagon

    The G Wagen is definitely on my bucket list. I am a big fan of the LR Defender but my limitations require an auto. The 450 GL I currently have has been a good load hauler. I have pulled trailers from one side of the US to the other, more than once. I have had it soft roading through the Nevada...
  5. Fizzer

    TESLA 3 details.

    Son in laws father has owned his X for around a year now. It has not been without its problems. The Christmas light show/soundtrack easter egg was fun. It would be interesting to hear someone elses thoughts on the X. Personally I am not as keen on that as the S. I know the the gull wing rear...
  6. Fizzer

    TESLA 3 details.

    A 0-60 of 2.4 seconds (with ludicrous button) is an incredible experience. Especially in, almost, silence.
  7. Fizzer

    TESLA 3 details.

    Yes, my son in law drives a model S and decided to place an order for the 3 for my daughter to use. I like the S but cant see me shelling out close to $100000 for one, anytime soon. As an existing Tesla owner he was able to order a maximum of 2 and also existing owners are going to be at the...
  8. Fizzer


    I wear a seiko Chronograph. It cost me $400 20 years ago and the only time it showed the wrong time was when the battery was being changed, around 5 years back. I wear a watch because it reliably tells me the time. If you want jewellery wear jewellery, if you want to know the time wear a...
  9. Fizzer


    Holy crap!! Had the money to get a defender but was going to buy a Cruiser? Valuable lesson there. Hope he is happy with the Land Rover, and has learned to be more discerning in his choices (I'm sure he has) :thumb:
  10. Fizzer

    Have I bought the wrong Merc? (2005 CLK350)

    Have you priced a good extended warranty? The GL I just bought does not have the greatest reliability rating. I have had it about a month and it has cost the warranty company $450 already. Its back into the dealers again Monday. Total cost to me 0 (obviously I paid for the 2 year warranty but...
  11. Fizzer

    Back in a Mercedes

    In a word HUGE! :D. Although it has been easy to get used to. 3 rows of adult sized seats (rear electrically folding, and when all folded its like a van (although a very refined van).Silent inside, with just a hint of a growl from the V8 when pushing on. The only issue, so far, has been a...
  12. Fizzer

    Back in a Mercedes

    Very. The Dodge just was not suited to roads around North Scottsdale, at least not for me, I used to cringe every time it went down a rut or another vehicle came the other way. The GL just glides on raised airmatic.
  13. Fizzer

    Back in a Mercedes

    I've wanted to change my Dodge Charger R/T for a car more suited to the unpaved roads around Arizona. It was a toss up between Range Rover and ML/GL Mercedes. Finally decided, after a year of deliberation, on this 2011 GL450. I'm about a month into ownership and, whilst it has had some initial...
  14. Fizzer

    CLS Owner's Register

    Would it not be interesting to post the original reg number. I sold mine around 2-3 years ago and wonder if any of the Grand editions registered here after are the same car.
  15. Fizzer

    Mercedes CLS 350 CDI Grand edition

    If it eliminated the annoying throttle delay I would be VERY interested. It is the reason that I sold my Grand Edition, after 2 annoying years. A great car spoiled by, I assume, emission restrictions. I had the car back to the dealers more than I drove it. They tried wiping and reloading the...
  16. Fizzer

    How much do you pay for insurance

    If you think your paying a lot for insurance, I had a trousers down and touch toes experience Friday when trying to insure 3 pick up trucks on a commercial policy. How does $6500 grab you and this from a broker that I currently give $2000 a year to to insure my car! I have really had my eyes...
  17. Fizzer

    Boston Marathon Explosions

    On the news here as an accidental fire with no casualties.
  18. Fizzer

    My new car

    The new A class is definitely growing on me, really was not impressed at first. In contrast to the CLA which I was drooling over when the pre production shots were released, now, not so sure. Great looking car OP, would like to see the interior.
  19. Fizzer

    American Address Translation?

    Dont know if PM got to you but... If you would like me to bring your seals back to UK by the end of the month, I dont mind if you ship them to my house in Florida. I am there until 28th April. PM me if you if you are interested and I will send you the address.
  20. Fizzer

    To good to be true !

    Damn, I dont suppose I'm going to get a 2nd chance offer then :dk:
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