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  1. rusty55

    R129 cd radio with jack plug

    Hi has any one got a cd radio with jack input to suite my 1997 r129 thanks
  2. rusty55


    Hi tomcat. Welcome to the forum also live in swindon
  3. rusty55

    Planned your 2017 road trip(s)yet?

    I agree it's fun planning your road trip as it's now easy to view places of interest, also others have up loaded to YouTube live driving clips of interest or possible problem areas along some routes. This year is planned but it's got to be the millau bridge next year sailing to Spain and driving...
  4. rusty55

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    We chose the manning for b&b on our stop over Squires chip shop is our eating stop off point in brounton after passing Barnstable
  5. rusty55

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    Lundy island is a very good trip as Howard suggests and climb the light house is a must if the weather is kind . valley of the rocks is good after driving down its hill side road to the bottom which will make the other half fidget in her seat if you have a large 4x4. The minack is best to...
  6. rusty55

    RR Wraith free ride

    My wife me and a friend got Dropped off at Glasgow airport today in RR Wraith . wow what a car total luxury with such smooth power on our 25 minute journey. It put the icing on the cake after a great visit to Glasgow for 4 days. After a skodas and Toyotas taxis to be offered this instead of...
  7. rusty55

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    We are doing a road trip to lands end trip stopping of for 2 nights at Plymouth next stopping at Eden project on to Truro 1 night 2 nights in porthcurno booked minick theatre then 2 nights at port Isaac then one floating night. Possibly mortehoe between woolacombe and ilficomb and home in...
  8. rusty55

    R129 Hood Insulation mat

    Old looked very sad
  9. rusty55

    R129 Hood Insulation mat

    Hood Matt Done Just two glue marks to cover with marker pen but pleased with ongoing maintenance only took under one hour to complete.:bannana:
  10. rusty55

    R129 Hood Insulation mat

    just ordered a new hood insulation mat as mine is getting flakey from the SL shop. Looked on YouTube looks straight forward is it a age related as the cars 20 years old. Other than a service by my local Indy should be another happy year of ownership as the last mot went with no advisory notes...
  11. rusty55

    Lets see your dogs

    Ours can't wait to get ride shot gun
  12. rusty55

    O2 walk

    Hi all. Off to London to do the o2 walk this evening with my family the views and lights should kick start the season with a huge smiley grin How did you find it or is it on your Christmas list. Hi ho ho
  13. rusty55

    Do you brim the tank?

    I do all my vehicles filling to pump stops as you will still do the same mileage and once done that way your no worse off plus no wasted life at pumps and waiting to pay why waste your life on the forecourt
  14. rusty55

    2017 VED rates

    I don't think it's a envy tax at all we're ever it's set it's just another loop hole closed
  15. rusty55

    Pilots war images developed 100 years on.

    Very interesting when some thing has been found like that out of the blue
  16. rusty55

    Would you ever leave your car in an airport car park?

    I all ways use Bristols meet and greet car parking service and will be doing for next holiday. I agee with others less likely to get door damage by others . Also a lot of the time cost wise not a lot in it with promotion offers
  17. rusty55

    R129 Used for Sons Wedding

    Mine and his
  18. rusty55

    R129 Used for Sons Wedding

    My brother I laws sl55amg has just had suspension failure along with rusty rear wings leak from rear window last year causing electronic failure not good but mine still looks great next to it and mine costs loads less to keep on the road so I agree with the last post
  19. rusty55

    1995 sl320 R129 New Owner- Front Suspension Knock...

    Enjoy the rest of the nice drives ahead
  20. rusty55

    1995 sl320 R129 New Owner- Front Suspension Knock...

    During my process I did the braces also as I had a slight bend in one let's hope it is that Do you drive it after each time you do a tweek
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