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  1. blaser24nig

    E class A238 interior trim

    That looks really good. Thank you.
  2. blaser24nig

    E class A238 interior trim

    That’s a thought. Any pictures please ?
  3. blaser24nig

    E class A238 interior trim

    Hello guys, I have the e class convertible - A238 and it has the aluminium dash trim and doors inserts but I really don’t like them. I was planning on buying a replacement from eBay. Please does anyone no any body shops in Kent that no how to change them please as I heard the door trims are hard...
  4. blaser24nig

    GLE Coupe

    Went to Geneva and I really love it. A lot nicer than the X6 IMO and road presence is immense.
  5. blaser24nig

    Brake pads

    About to fit new brake pads on my SL350, Few questions... After there any good aftermarket pads that don't squeak? Should I just buy genuine ones from the dealer? Are there any thing I should know when changing the pads?
  6. blaser24nig

    Spotted: pre-release cars on the road

    Some might be interested... Leaked: 2014 Range Rover Sport Surfaces Before Official Debut in New York - Automotive News
  7. blaser24nig

    The most pointless 'feature' ever?

    Ermmmm, is the cooled glove box standard on all R230's? #coversface...
  8. blaser24nig

    I have lost the plot

    That was funny as hell... Still cracking up, made my day, Thank u...
  9. blaser24nig

    C350 CDI New Warranty Costs?

    Was merely answering one of the OP's questions. What are you on about? He answered one of the questions the OP asked.
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    Who is at work????

    On my eye break
  11. blaser24nig

    The Ocado Experience

    What happened to the days when you only read or commented on the threads you liked and ignored the ones you don't?!
  12. blaser24nig

    ECP Wiper

    Cut the OP some slack guys, come on, It's like everyone is getting at him... OP as the ecp guy said, if it was bought online, you can pm him/her and will get sorted. £2 maybe chicken feed to some of you but not to others...
  13. blaser24nig

    ECP Wiper

    Easy Tigers...
  14. blaser24nig

    Used car market

    Well not in the 20k bracket but for even 15k, my sl didnt sell for over 2 months now and then I just decided to keep it. Just be prepared to wait. It takes time and lits of calls,email and tyre kickers.
  15. blaser24nig

    What is it worth...

    14k, that makes me wana cry...
  16. blaser24nig

    What is it worth...

    Thanks but what is it worth now?
  17. blaser24nig

    What is it worth...

    Not trying to solicit trade here but just wanted to know what it is worth as I am getting offers of 14k. Experts please fire away and help... Mercedes-Benz SL Class SL 350 [272] 2dr Tip Auto Convertible 3.5 2006
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    Thanks a lot.
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    Thats from an s class, doubt it would be the same on the sl...
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