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    Used Brabus ECO Power Xtra tuning unit for circa (after 4/2013) 2013 C350 cdi engine. These are only approved tuning units for Mercedes which main dealers will fit for you (for approx. £1600), and are often standard on later models in the range. Official details below: Brabus Eco PowerXtra...
  2. Stig2082

    The Mercedes journey continues, latest stop a CLS Shoooting Brake

    Thanks chaps and agreed on both fronts. I also loved the w219, especially the full fat version, but not regretting this move. With the rear windows tinted I think they look fab! And I got my 2012 (62) with 15k miles on the clock which means it feels and looks like new - even found one of those...
  3. Stig2082

    The Mercedes journey continues, latest stop a CLS Shoooting Brake

    Having started my Mercedes journey many years ago with a 2001 320 CLK Cabriolet, I am now the proud owner of a 2012 CLS SB. In between has been an 2004 320 E Class estate, a bunch of other cars, a 2008 CLS 320cdi and latterly a 2008 CLS 63 AMG. All have been brilliant in their own way and suited...
  4. Stig2082

    Used car purchasing: main dealer vs non main dealer

    My take on this is that small independent car dealers can be a nightmare and have been the source of my worst car buying experiences over the years- and have been far more problematic than private sellers. I have never actually had an issue with private sales. There has been one exception to...
  5. Stig2082

    Time with AMG drawing to a close..

    To my huge regret my time with my gorgeous W219 CLS 63 AMG is drawing to close. A change in circumstances is forcing my hand, but feel privileged to have owned one of theses immense machines. Would love it to go to a fellow enthusiast so take a peak if you want. Has a very rare spec, so is a...
  6. Stig2082

    CLS 63 AMG - rare Performance Package 2008 spec

    Very rare CLS 63 AMG 2008 facelift with Performance Package. Only a handful of W219 CLS's were registered after the facelift (LED rear lights, LED wing mirrors and upgraded Command), and this maybe the only one (have never seen another one) with the performance package which includes limited...
  7. Stig2082

    Who can teach me to drive my car?

    So, my question is that as a competent driver of many years I feel reasonably comfortable pushing my AMG (CLS63) along - but I don't really know/feel confident to fully access its many talents. I once had a passenger ride in one at MB World so have an idea of what they can do, whilst being under...
  8. Stig2082

    Command NTG 2.5 Frozen

    Hi folks My Command has frozen - just plays a single radio station and no buttons work. Have tried taking out fuse and also disconnecting battery - but to avail. I sense that the car is not fully powering down, as memory functions stay. Car is 200& CLS AMG. Presume I am going to have to get...
  9. Stig2082

    CLS AMG (219) - how many batteries??

    Hi Guys, My Command unit has frozen and just plays a radio station and none of buttons work. Have been advised by Command repair dealer to disconnect battery to reset it before bringing it in as that solves lots of the issues. I disconnected the one in the boot, and Command still in the same...
  10. Stig2082

    CLS which model would you go for??

    I've owned at Cls320 with brabus chip and am now in a CLS 63 AMG (both first gen 2008). The Cdi was a great car and felt powerful enough,but the AMG is an an incredible thing which is essentially a super car - with 507bhp on tap. If you can afford it then scratch the AMG itch as it brings a fat...
  11. Stig2082

    Reporting back - first few months CLS 63 AMG

    Agreed - is another bonus to know you have a piece of automotive history in your hands!
  12. Stig2082

    Reporting back - first few months CLS 63 AMG some I took when I first picked it up
  13. Stig2082

    Reporting back - first few months CLS 63 AMG

    Thought I would pen a quick few words to report back on first few months of ownership of my 2008 CLS 63 AMG. I have always dreamed of owning one of these magnificent cars, but it has been a distant thought as they remained beyond my resources, and the head heart battle was always won by the...
  14. Stig2082

    CLS 2008 Facelift, amazing spec and condition

    Hi Folks Having got myself a CLS AMG, am selling my Silver CLS 320 CDI. It is a 2008 Facelift and has excellent spec and is in super condition - am gutted to be selling it and wasn't going to, but the AMG bug bit me. It has full MB service history from new so the Mobio Life is active and is...
  15. Stig2082

    Got me a CLS 63 AMG (W219) - whoop!!

    Thanks again everyone for the comments! Now it is the week I am back on my other vehicle which goes faster than the AMG (in London..) which is a 125cc scooter. The mpg is slighty better too...
  16. Stig2082

    Got me a CLS 63 AMG (W219) - whoop!!

    Will snap a pic when I have a chance, cheers
  17. Stig2082

    Got me a CLS 63 AMG (W219) - whoop!!

    Am surprised someone can not have any documentation as the service history is electronic - even Indies are plugged into the system now if they want. But best avoided if not looking good. Are a handful on Autotrader that look good?
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