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  1. Ian_C

    1998-2001 5 Spoke CLK Wheels

    Sorry all, now sold and collected by a forum member, and going to a good home on a CLK55. Cheers Ian
  2. Ian_C

    1998-2001 5 Spoke CLK Wheels

    Yes, I have set of the above wheels for sale. These wheels came off my CLK and have been replaced by another set. These 4 wheels were refurbished just over a year ago, and the lip was painted, as opposed to the polsihed finish (i.e. these would make a great winter set of wheels). Three of...
  3. Ian_C

    Anyone Got A Comedy Podcast Source

    This is very good for car humour : GarethJones.TV – Gareth Jones On Speed
  4. Ian_C

    CLK W208 Power Socket/Fag Lighter Fuse Missing

    I se what you mean, pulled it out and am running it off a fused supply from the stereo. The trick was the renmove middle section between stereo and lighter tray. Cheers Ian
  5. Ian_C

    CLK W208 Power Socket/Fag Lighter Fuse Missing

    Will try that, with mallet standing by :-) Thanks Ian
  6. Ian_C

    CLK W208 Power Socket/Fag Lighter Fuse Missing

    Any idea how to get the ashtray/fag lighter out. Got the two screws out, but not easy to see how it comes out. (Yes, working on radio :-) ) Ian
  7. Ian_C

    Tyres for (w208) CLK 55

    Falken 452's are very good. From someone who normally goes for a Bridgestone or leading brand, these are just as good, and sticky. Many people on here recomed them. Buy from camskill, do a search on the forum for their details. Ian
  8. Ian_C

    CLK W208 Power Socket/Fag Lighter Fuse Missing

    Guys, Long time no speak, hi again. I ahve an interesting problem. The cigarette lighter socket/power socket in the car has stopped working, it still lights up at night, but no power. On checking the fuse for this (fuse 23 under the bonet) there is no fuse ! But how did this use to work...
  9. Ian_C

    Stereo recommendation

    I went for a Kenwood BT8041u. Inc hands free, ipod / USB audio, sub woofer control etc, and just over £100 Kenwood KDC-BT8041U Reviews PM me for any more details.
  10. Ian_C

    CLK Audio boot install

    After only changing my rears speakers and fitting one amp this weekend I can understand how much work has gone into this. Good effort, and thanks for the pics. Cheers Ian
  11. Ian_C

    GTG 29th March at Brooklands .

    Sorry all. I did not manage to make it, as the other half not only has taken a liking to the Merc but she took her liking of the Merc all the way to Leeds at the weekend. Will be there for the next one. Ian
  12. Ian_C

    Staying in Windsor for the W/E in four weeks.

    I can recomend the Heart and Garter Hotel, they do a great british food menu worth looking at. In Windsor you can walk about for an hour, pop to the Castle, walk around the Great Park, Saville Gardens down the road if thats your thing. Loads to do, just PM me with what you like and I can get...
  13. Ian_C

    speaker cable markings

    If the speakers did not have a big crossover mounted to it, I would be tempted as a start to just replace speakers. I suppose firing down uses the boot as a chamber to improve the bass. Interesting stuff. Ian
  14. Ian_C

    From Blue To Matt Black!!

    Umm some lower springs on ebay, auction no : 230330019615
  15. Ian_C

    speaker cable markings

    Thanks, it's all becoming more clear. Have now had a peep at the rear speakers, as they do sound nice, though the standard rear speakers fire downwards!!! They must be set out of phase. I do assume there is an MB amp hidden on the left of the boot which drives those. Thinking about...
  16. Ian_C

    speaker cable markings

    I can confirm Mercedes have stuck with convention and the stripe is live. How to change door speaker article coming soon, once I have put the doors back together. Ian
  17. Ian_C

    Anyone know the trade price

    Also give you an idea of market prices.
  18. Ian_C

    speaker cable markings

    Agree, thats what I have learnt over the years. Thus my focus on getting this right. Luckily the autoleads speaker spacers come with wiring adapters so I can work it out from that. Now after all that, to see if I run new leads to the doors or use existing wiring. :-) Ian
  19. Ian_C

    speaker cable markings

    I know thats convention, and I was just double checking mercedes stuck to convention. Plus it will save time during the install. I don't want my speakers going backwards :-) Thanks Ian
  20. Ian_C

    speaker cable markings

    Hi, Can I just confirm, on MB speaker connections the striped wire is + Thanks Ian
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