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  1. HarioH

    W202 upper front track arm problem

    Hello mate can I ask what you removed to access the drivers side nut for this? I can't even see the nut on mine and it's about half way down the brake servo. The passenger nut is 15mm so I assume they've been replaced before but I can't even get a 15mm ring on the driver side nut, I've...
  2. HarioH

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Fitted W220 S600 callipers and W203 C36 rotors to my W202. Yeah I know the wheels need a refurb..
  3. HarioH

    My 124 - 300TE 4Matic Restoration

    I can't see any photos :(
  4. HarioH

    Cost of replacing door? (W202)

    Obviously claim on her insurance and when they write your car off you can then request to keep the vehicle and they charge you it's scrap value (about £70) which comes off the balance of the write off payout, then you VIC test it (that will be cad-D), and keep driving it. You keep the profit...
  5. HarioH

    C43 rusty sills again!

    Again? Have you not Waxoiled inside the sill cavity? Without waxoil your 202 is a ticking time bomb, you need to remove the carpet covering the inner sill and drill a series of 3-4mm holes along its length and work your way along with the stuff coating every inner surface. I would expect to...
  6. HarioH

    W202 C200 suspensions

    Because it's a basic model, it will have suspension and shocks set to cheese sandwich mode so if you don't like the softness, get some Esprit or AMG ones :)
  7. HarioH

    Need for C220 W202 wheel alignment?

    So what are you saying?
  8. HarioH

    C220 D Uneven Idle when hot

    I would remove the robber hose from the hard line going back to the tank, connect it to a funnels and fill with diesel then try and start, if problem is gone, then you are correct air is leaking in further up. Have you replaced all the O-rings on the push fit connectors? And the O-ring behind...
  9. HarioH

    W202 c250td - tuning and bodywork... (Future buyer)

    Spare wheel well, door bottoms.. I've actually got a giant rivet gun and giant rivets for a spring perch replacement job as the factory repair procedure states to rivet on the replacement perch. I'm not joking!
  10. HarioH

    w202 1999 c240

    I remember the key barrel assembly is screwed in place from the inside and its really fiddly, then you have to unhook some mechanism leavers, then the whole assembly drops down into the door cavity then with ninja force it can be wiggled out. Not fun or easy IIRC..
  11. HarioH

    W202 C250 TD Air in Fuel Pipe

    I just bought a generic Viton o-ring of the correct diameter to fix that. You should be able to twist the valve off (it pivots about where the o-ring goes into the IP, mine was tight also.
  12. HarioH

    Hello, just bought my first Merc

    Cool colour! Investigate and arrest any rust as soon as possible, that means: Sill trims off, bumpers off, wings off, rust arrestor and your choice of good protective paint, watch our for jacking points etc. All easy repairs with 0.6 mig wire and a cheapo welder. Fortunately most of the...
  13. HarioH

    WTB: Complete MB W202 or W210 driver's door mirror in 744 Brilliant Silver

    They are £20 on eBay mate. Get any colour and you can easily swap over your matching body coloured 'cover' onto the frame. Just happened to me..
  14. HarioH

    W202 srs light

    Hey mate do you have a link for the cheap star tool? I've PM'ed also. Beers, H.
  15. HarioH

    Mercedes 202 c200 2000 year breaking

    Hi mate price for the front bumper? Cheers.
  16. HarioH

    S202 250TD advice sought, please.

    Yes and to pass MOT is visual inspection only, not emissions, so keep it but hollow it out, and delete the centre suitcase sized silencer also. Theres loads of details in my build here: Mercedes C250TD Wagon - into - C300TD Wagon.. | Retro Rides
  17. HarioH

    S202 speaker upgrading recommedations

    Some inspiration for you. Very chav-esque but free for me. Black speaker grilles will stealth them well. And easy fit..
  18. HarioH

    S202 C180 / Staggered AMG wheels question

    18" staggered AMGs fit, from a CLK I think. Needs 10-15mm spacer at the back I personally think to make the tyres line up better with the arch. My car.
  19. HarioH

    e300td w210 remap advice

    You'll need to fit a Holset air delivery device..
  20. HarioH

    S202 C250TD - New bushes OEM or Poly?

    As above really, my wagon has 175k, do people have a good supplier of OEM bushes or have poly bushes been used reliable? IE not wearing out quickly which I've experienced before.. I suppose I'll have to make some bush extractor tools also..
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