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  1. RRLJO

    C350e charging system corrosion poll

    Hi, I've had my C350e for about 11 months and it has recently developed a fault where it will not charge from the plug in socket, is this likely to be the corrosion issue referenced here? It still charges whilst driving. The car is going in to mercedes anyway in the next few days for its...
  2. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    Can anyone beat this with a lower number? So a reasonably big trip today started with full tank and 11mile charge, over 200 miles 95% motorway on adaptive cruise control between 70-80mph. I'm not too bothered, love the car and have co. fuel card so no anxiety for me but anyone thinking of...
  3. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    Nice,:bannana: that you with the bucket then :thumb:
  4. RRLJO

    C Class Airmatic - is it worth it?

    My previous vehicle was an SUV which was quite a soft ride but airmatic is in a different class, I'm loving it on my C350e albeit a mandatory choice it feels great - a smooth cushioned ride and it goes up/down with the change in settings. Your are also able to rise up at the push of a switch...
  5. RRLJO

    HOW IS THE C350e?

    Really depends on your reason for choosing the C350e. If it's for claimed fuel return of 100+mpg then best look elsewhere but you should have picked that up from the various other post on here, don't think I've read of anyone breaking 50+ on medium mixed journeys. Personally I'm achieving mid...
  6. RRLJO

    C350e is ****e

    ...1... A pleasant surprise ? ...2 ....loaded with techie ?? ...3...... Air-matique ??? ...4........ Capable of charge ???? ...5......... Bik friendlie ????? ...6.......... Thirstie ????? ...7.......... Next gen Mercede ??????? ...8........... Connect appable Me ???????? ...9...
  7. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    Ok so 2 months in and 3300 miles on the clock, mostly spent in comfort/hybrid with the occasional charge via plugin or drive/save mostly to allow preheat on the cold mornings. Today I found myself 14 miles from home with 14 electric miles on the clock having charged whilst out shopping to...
  8. RRLJO

    What do you want to know?

    Hi JBD & fellow Mbclub members Is there a boot liner available for the C350e Estate?
  9. RRLJO

    No remote pre-entry climate control activation via Mercedes Me app?

    That's a real same as it works well on the c350e, loving the preheated car in the morning although it does seem to eat battery, costing about 4-6 elec miles dependent on the outside temp. Perhaps it's the range of the battery in the the C300h ?
  10. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    Ha ha .... Might still be a busy club. 10 days in and distronic is my fav toy so far although be sure to remember when you've switched it off, else wise you're gonna get to close unless you break, oops ! Horse power's a bit of fun too, although trying to break her in gently. Family...
  11. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    Nice motor @newtomercedes worth the long wait! I recognise that car park - next time I'm there I'll park adjacent and we can start our own little c350e club - once you've installed the Chargers of course ;)
  12. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    350e The good news is you are connected and receiving it but my view is it is essentially some remote user "information" and not sure I will get to carried away with what it all means. Fuel level - this is factual let's you know if you need to fill up or charge for your next journey or have...
  13. RRLJO

    C350e owners club

    Happy Days - finally collected my C350e estate direct from the dealer yesterday, couldn't wait for lease co to arrange delivery. Felt like a more personalised experience anyway collecting it and an excuse to have a resasonble 60 mile drive afterwards back from the dealers. Very early days...
  14. RRLJO

    C350e anyone considering one?

    I ordered my C350e estate in April and impatiently waiting along with many others it seems ! So I've been lurking on here for a while, reading up on all the great advice you guys have posted killing time waiting for D-day. Well good news is it's now at the dealers awaiting tri-party handover...
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