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  1. petermansell

    C220d coupe 2007 boot

    All I can say is that on my 2012 C class coupe the boot opener liver is on the drivers side door low down forward of and under the arm rest.
  2. petermansell

    Satellite Navigation instructions.

    Would an alternative be to select location using the map option in the satnav?
  3. petermansell

    Is there a simple repair for this?

  4. petermansell

    Is there a simple repair for this?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a simple repair for when the chrome film has peeled off of the front seat level pull (as in the photo)? Are there any repairers near to the London Borough of Bromley who could repair it? MB wanted to replace the module at over £400 and that seemed a bit excessive.
  5. petermansell

    Can I reset a powered seat?

    Hi all, My 2012 C class coupe passenger seat back has stopped offering its full range of movement. All the seat functions work but the seat back won't power as far forward as the driver's side anymore. Is there a way to reset/reboot the seat function? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks Pete
  6. petermansell

    Judder under acceleration W164 320CDI 55 plate (06)

    I had the same symptoms on a CLK55 AMG some years ago and it was indeed the torque converter.
  7. petermansell

    Without revealing your actual age...

    1) Wait for the TV tube to warm up before seeing a picture 2) TV picture snowing or rolling 3) use the choke in the car when starting it
  8. petermansell

    Illness and Accidents. Hypochondriacs Corner.

    err.... I became paralysed swerving to miss a police car that was cresting a bend on the wrong side of the road (not blue lighting it - just taking a senior officer home for dinner and told to press on). The car was a lovely Cortina 1600 MK2. The year was 1978 and I was 20. I swerved to miss the...
  9. petermansell

    New C Class Coupe - Rear Seats

    I think you should find the C class fine for your needs. I have.
  10. petermansell

    Bye bye Brian Sewell, nice car!

    Me too. He got very funny in older age - lots of dry humour
  11. petermansell

    Thoughts on Driving Assistance Package. Distronic etc

    Distronic is the best thing since sliced break on long journeys. Far for allowing you to concentrate less I found the opposite, plus I feel a lot less tired at the end of long runs.
  12. petermansell

    Recommendations please

    So after two plumber/heating engineers visiting we think we have a leak in our pressured central heating system under the ground floor of our house. We have arranged for a leak detection specialist to visit on Monday to investigate and find the leak. My question is do any members here know of...
  13. petermansell

    Nuremburg in the morning

    ah memories :D
  14. petermansell

    Mobilo life - failure

    Indeed. When I tried this afternoon the message, was in fact more generic and along the lines of "this number is not accepting calls at present". Notwithstanding this, I'm still disappointed that in an emergency I couldn't access the number mb provided. Ah well we live and learn. :dk:
  15. petermansell

    Mobilo life - failure

    0333 220 6603 and I tried it on my mobile and got through :)
  16. petermansell

    Mobilo life - failure

    Yep rang twice and got the same message. In fact I just rang the 777 helpline number on the landline to complain and got straight through. MB said they have been taking calls all day and it maybe that my called was blocked by my mobile phone company (?!) and although this sounds crazy it's...
  17. petermansell

    Mobilo life - failure

    So my car broke down today - if you'r interested you can read the detail here: A photo a day ? the unexpected | anomiepete However what I find appalling is that when I phoned the Mobilo life number I received a recorded message saying that "Mobilo life is not taking calls at the moment". How...
  18. petermansell

    Lets Hear Of A Significant Moment In Your Life

    Bad moment: waking up three days after a bad car crash and realising that I was paralysed ... Good moment: 9 minutes and 6 seconds round the 'ring in my clk55 amg with my youngest son.
  19. petermansell

    I fancy a challenge. Your suggestions please.

    The nurbergring, advanced driving course.....
  20. petermansell

    The new lady in my life has arrived home...

    Lovely car and great colour choice - a little difference makes this really stand out.
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