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    w208 clk 230

    with regret feb 2002 51 w208 clk 230 avantgarde 1 owner (factory collected) 33,000 miles full mot & taxed 06/09 brilliant silver orion grey leather staggered amg alloys tipfunction fmbsh recent disc's & pads all round 4 new toyo proxes 225/245 new bosch battery heater motor cam...

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    FA57EMZ on my daughter emma's proton satria neo :cool:

    Anyone interested in a GTG in or around Notts. or maybe a trip out to the East Coast.

    having missed some gtg's this year for one reason or another i would be up for a meet if the date is ok, sundays are better as work interferes on a saturday looks like it could be a good outing for clk's :bannana:

    An Xmas do

    i am very sorry pammy but we can no longer make this gtg, les has had some realations come over from australia for christmas unannounced (to us !) we are both a little miffed as we have had no notice & are expected to entertain them this weekend, whilst its a nice suprise and nice for me to...

    An Xmas do

    Pammy -like I have a choice - pre and post - tea, coffee, choccy bics, Sloe gin. Ian W & Mrs W - will bring Mrs W oh and some nice red wine - post Ray & Therese - Bringing Mr and Mrs Portzy - meal only Gollom & Mrs G - post for a while (Bols & Slivovice ) NW_Merc post clkboy & les pre &...

    An Xmas do

    Pammy - 3 jpskiller & purplegoddess - 3 Ian W & Mrs W Ray & Terese Gollom & Mrs G - hopefully NW_Merc clkboy & les - 3 Olly (BlackC55) & Emma- 3 Portzy & Mrs P Scumbag - confirmed! - 3 LastMinute television - 3 GRAV - 3 Mattc +1 -3

    An Xmas do

    Pammy - 15th & 22nd jpskiller&purplegoddess-poss either day(got daughters birthday) Ian W and Mrs W (well its Xmas isnt it ) Ray and Terese Gollom? NW_Merc for 15th clkboy & les 16th & 22nd

    new slk wheels

    4 x alloy wheels from std slk200 brand new 7x16, 7 spokes with 2 new tyres 205 55 x 16 conti sports, for sale due to upgrade package taken off car with delivery mileage offers by pm please.

    7 spoke slk wheels for sale

    moved to classifieds whoops!
  10. CLKBOY

    Autoglass damage rain sensor?

    replacement screen/glass nationwide 08000 320 616 mention andy (they know me very well ! ) for any glass, i use them all the time , never had a problem yet ! insurance approved etc they are based in market weighton will come to home/work hth
  11. CLKBOY

    R class question

    thanks for the link, a calculated risk indeed but will it pay off ? alot of car for the money !
  12. CLKBOY

    R class question

    a friend has purchased a flood damaged R class auto & would like to know if it is possible to take it out of park with the battery disconnected ?
  13. CLKBOY

    Clumber 2007

    same story here ! cant make it either. funny clip
  14. CLKBOY

    w208 heater fan u/s

    the heater blower in my w208 does not work at all, checked the usual fuses etc but to no avail, also rear fog lamp is inop & its not the bulb the stealer looked into this on last mot & gave up ! dont fancy them checking the blower unless i have to , any pointers ??
  15. CLKBOY

    Clumber 2007

    Pammy - deffo kbhogalw126 - plus 5 (overnight not required) jpskiller & Purplegoddess Ian - deffo Timskemp - poss Flyer - poss clkboy - deffo havent had the car out since bridgewood !!
  16. CLKBOY

    Bridgewood Manor 2007

    we are staying near duxford on friday night so we should arrive around noon.
  17. CLKBOY

    Bridgewood Manor 2007

    suits us fine !!
  18. CLKBOY

    Bridgewood Manor 2007

    also booked in today !
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