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    So Trump has been found guilty

    Vickers Funbus. 🤩
  2. BPD07

    So Trump has been found guilty

    Agreed, but you have to wonder at the sanity of creating something like the Blackburn Beverly around the same time as Lockheed developed the Hercules. Having said that if the Government believed in the UK, and had supported the buy British agenda we would have a larger manufacturing base left.
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    So Trump has been found guilty

    Shame the products we nailed together, and the after sales support just we’re not as good.
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    ThePrimeCheck scam is back…

    I’m selling an Opel Manta on C&C and was asked tonight to complete a ThePrimeCheck (.co.Uk) report for it. I must admit from the first email I wanted to type “Can we get to the scam, I’m busy” but peservered in case he was a real buyer. Eventually I got bored and said “No sale”. I’m...
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    E Class Convertible - What's it like living with one?

    With the air scarf on, and the rear headrests/net raised there is a blind spot for right hand drive cars pulling in on the French autoroutes., as I usually wait until I see the vehicle I’ve overtaken in the rear view before pulling in. Very minor issue though. 3k miles of top down driving...
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    The airline who perfected “the shrug” as a response for all questions.
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    Insurance for new drivers

    Access too a vehicle isn’t the the same as having a dedicated company car in the eyes of the insurance company - it’s like being a named driver. But time passes, so you are no longer a new driver. TPFT used to reduce the cost, but now it seems to have a higher premium.
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    Insurance for new drivers

    Buy the insurance monthly seems to be the way. The first year is the choker, but finding a low insurance group car (5 or lower), adding your parents etc as named drivers. All helps.
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    Car model, age, petrol, diesel, v6, v8, inline 4, capacity. The chaps and chapesses here are incredibly helpful but you have to give them the odd clue about what the engine is.
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    What option should I take disposing my CL203 V6?....

    Sorry no idea, I threw money at the problem. But, I’d hazard they either tracked it down the hard way checking which non fuse battery feed / split was staying active. Or (benefit of a good indie) someone has experienced it before and there was a hot list of suspects.
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    What option should I take disposing my CL203 V6?....

    Pulling fuses isn’t always going to find the fault. I’ve had two r230s that suffered badly. One was down to an old Tracker battery, coupled with an alarm siren that was staying active, the other a faulty SAM that was being energised off the keyless go wire. Admittedly both cost around a £1k...
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    It certainly livens up the roast potato’s on a Sunday.
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    I bought via Cazoo a few years ago. Painless transaction (I paid cash) but I found the car was a bit small for me, so I changed to another. Took ages to validate the exchange, then when I went to get the car, they had no idea about the exchange. I could have kept both! Both cars were as...
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    Wet cars and garage ventilation?

    Do the window anyway, but could you buy some of these and cut them into the garage doors? High enough to be away from rain bouncing.
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    Slow Car on a lease, thoughts ?????

    No modern car is really a slow car, and you don’t need to rag one to make progress. With the smaller engine, you will suffer in the traffic light derby or the 50-70 time for overtakes, but you can learn a different more relaxed style of driving. Wasn’t it James Hunt who said his a35 was the...
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    Does bad proofreading / spelling put you off an advert?

    I am a member of a few classic car sale (UK) groups, firstly the price people want for junk is amazing, but this question is about proofreading/spelling, or the lack of: Breaks for Brakes, well not really forgivable but they tried. Raters for rotors for discs possibly. “Got hard” - steady on...
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    £318 for an A service. E220D? Other options?

    I merely suggested that for the cost of one 318 GBP oil change, the OP can do 5 oil changes himself. He can can double his service intervals and save 150GBP. It's just a suggestion, so much for marketing. You merely assume that everyone likes laying under their car scrabbling for the sump plug...
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    £318 for an A service. E220D? Other options?

    As well as the alternating A/B service, there are mileage and time actions that your car will need. It might be that MB added those on as well? But I somehow doubt it. A is oil and filter so worth getting it done at the best price - but still only if you trust the garage.
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    Interesting signs

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    EV Shocker!

    But it’s got comedy doors.
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