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    Classic car insurance

    A Plan, or Howdens as they are now called, insured my SL on a modern classic insurance and mirrored my no claims bonus for a very competitive rate so might be worth a call.
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    Low miles owners be quick .... Cls55 Amg

    The thought of saving that on VED every year would be enough to persuade me to buy the Pagani.
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    That's the new Michelin chicane special for track day use.
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    Probably leased.
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    SL350 central locking problems

    The charger was connected to the consumer battery presumably?
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    £318 for an A service. E220D? Other options?

    I had three E220 CDi's, 2003, 2007, and 2011, all of which I ran as chauffeur vehicles. All were serviced by Mercedes at the recommended service intervals of every 18k miles. They each did over 310k miles averaging 90k ish miles a year each, and none of them had any engine or gearbox issues...
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    Someone buy this! Designo S600, Cashmere Pearl Grey with Pearl Chablis interior

    The photos show a mileage of 94k miles which the MOT history show as around November 2020.
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    What are the chances of that?

    We were on holiday in Majorca riding one of those four seater pedalo/bike type thingies with the kids in the front and us in the back when we heard somebody shouting my name and a lump as they jumped on the back. Turned round to see our nextdoor neighbour hanging on for dear life. Neither of us...
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    Anyone had any dealings with this company

    According to their website they don't do contracts, you take your car home after they have inspected and agreed a sale price, then they do the rest and let you know when they have a potential buyer, at which stage presumably you take the car back for the buyer to inspect and hopefully buy...
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    Anyone had any dealings with this company

    Their website does say that they buy cars direct or sell on your behalf. They also say that they are happy for you to keep the car while they do their bit so at least there seems to be no chance of them selling it and not telling you, or going bust and you losing the car, as long as you make...
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    2007 E500 - are they supposed to creep?

    This thread is giving me the creeps o_O
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    100,000 miles club

    Bad form to quote yourself I know but the old girl is still going strong. I gave it to my son just over two years ago who sold it to his friends father. It has gone straight through two further MOT's with no significant issues and has now done approaching 340k miles.
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    Word association game

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    Just sold one of my cars to a friend

    I gave my 2011 W212 E220 CDi with 312k miles on it to my son just under 3 years ago who sold it to his best friends father a few months later. He has put it through two further MOT's with no advisories and has now done just under 340k miles and is still running well. A bullet dodged and they...
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    AMG GT-R issue - help required

    There was a thread on either here or Piston Heads recently re insurance cover being invalidated because of a non declaration of PPF. Might be worth a read and make sure your insurance know about it if you haven't already declared it.
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    Possible EV 🙄🙂

    Be very careful :eek:
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    E400 woes (M276 d30)

    I think in true PH fashion a big Norwegian Blue is due :doh:
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    Juddering ?transmission related

    No codes but it felt like you were driving over a cattle grid under acceleration.
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    Juddering ?transmission related

    Had similar with one of my E Classes. The torque converter was replaced under warranty and the problem was cured. Might be worth changing the transmission fluid first if it hasn't been done. Used to be scheduled at 37.5k. Edited to say beaten to it by the post above.
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