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  1. V12cat

    What is your job?

    Dairy and pig farmer until roughly the millennium. Still have a farm but now grow crops and do contract harvesting and specialist excavator work for the dairy sector.
  2. V12cat

    2 injector clamp bolts snapped in hole, 2010 Mercedes E350 3.0 V6 . What should I try ?

    No idea of the access in this scenario but one of the very best ways of extracting a snapped stud is to hold a washer with a hole no larger diameter than the stud over it then mig (or Tig) weld directly in the middle of the stud, welding the stud to the washer as well as you can. Obviously...
  3. V12cat

    Mercedes parts

    I'd be happy with a MB parts dept I could actually even get thorough to! My nearest (Macclesfield) are a complete waste of time. 5 calls in the last two days and failed to pick up on all of them. Rang the sales line and surprise surprise they answered immediately. Said he would get them to...
  4. V12cat

    Correct Battery

    No, because sometimes the battery is IN the car. Eg ML. But if you want Darwinism to prevail............ So the fact that a car isn't start stop doesn't mean an AGM battery isn't necessary. If the manufacturer deems it in any way possible the battery contents could ingress into the passenger...
  5. V12cat

    Which Scanner for the job

    I've found my Carly useful up to now. No connection issues at all. To Android. I was reluctant to trust it 100% as it's error description didn't match the list published elsewhere on this forum. It transpires the Carly is probably correct. The app is keen to sell it's 'smart mechanic' add on...
  6. V12cat

    ML 320 CDI - Crank Non-Start

    I'd suggest someone doesn't know what they are doing. @avantgardeauto has already laid out what should be done and in what order. IF the pump is ok then something is letting the pressure go. There's only the relief valve and injectors left isn't there? Have the injectors been tested as...
  7. V12cat

    Correct Battery

    AGM batteries are often used for safety reasons. No leakage if rolled. Varta take a lot of beating. We use them on all our heavy equipment.
  8. V12cat

    What makes the perfect Winter car

    Bought an ML420 two or three months ago and I'm really surprised how comfortable, lively and good in poor conditions it is. Way better than I expected. Warms up very quickly too.
  9. V12cat

    ML 320 CDI - Crank Non-Start

    I'm no expert on these particular engines but have had my fair share of experience and trouble with bigger mercs. OM422's, OM502LA's (in profile pic) as well as numerous other makes. How is the high pressure pump output (rail pressure) being measured? Actual gauge or via the rail pressure...
  10. V12cat

    ML420. Error code P2520 and P0105.

    OK, a bit of feedback that might help others as there doesn't seem a lot of info about this sort of thing on MB forums. Avon tuning themselves were at a large agricultural trade show this week and I had chance to speak to them. The new error codes could well have been intentionally suppressed...
  11. V12cat

    ML420. Error code P2520 and P0105.

    Thanks for the reply. My software actually points the p2520 code to the R48 thermostat heater. The error codes don't seem to be causing the limp mode directly. If I drive and keep the engine speed above about 725rpm limp mode never happens and the vehicle performs as expected for 350bhp and...
  12. V12cat

    ML420. Error code P2520 and P0105.

    ...and the mapping tech said the vehicle already had a map on it. Not a good one, but I suppose they would say that. Given what I've read about swirl motor deletes etc I wonder if that is why this is happening. Maybe an incompatible gearbox map on it too? The car has got a pretty comprehensive...
  13. V12cat

    ML420. Error code P2520 and P0105. add to this, I've just taken it for a fairly lively drive and no limp mode but when I left it idling back at my workshop I heard the engine note deepen and it had gone back to limp mode, this time with a management light. Same two codes.
  14. V12cat

    ML420. Error code P2520 and P0105.

    Hi all. Both these errors (P2520 and P0105) have appeared (possibly coincidentally) after an EGR delete remap (Avon Tuning). Google has definitely not been my friend and has brought up wildly differing reasons for these codes and my code reader (Carly) isn't agreeing with google either. One or...
  15. V12cat

    ML (W164) door key issue.

    Hi. I've had an issue with my W164 drivers door lock. When the car is locked it was possible to double pull the handle and the drivers door would unlock and open. Setting off the alarm in the process. Following a bit of research I removed the key lock and re positioned the actuating lug so the...
  16. V12cat

    NGT2 ipod interface not charging.

    The 30 pin Bluetooth adapter didn't power up so obviously it required 5v charging like most seem to. Decided the easiest option was one of these. No steering wheel functionality but connects instantly and sound quality is absolutely fine. KIMISS Music Receiver Car kit, Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter...
  17. V12cat

    Enhancing Performance of 2006 W164 Mercedes-Benz ML 320 CDI (OM642): Stage 3 Modifications | Hybrid Turbo, Intercooler, and More

    Out of interest, do you have a re-map provider that you would say is reputable and reliable?
  18. V12cat

    NGT2 ipod interface not charging.

    Thanks. From what I've read, some Bluetooth adapters obviously do work off the 12v charging so I've ordered a cheap ish Bluetooth device that specifically states old devices. Worth a punt at the price. I've also got a Bluetooth receiver that is fitted with the MB command connector so that will...
  19. V12cat

    NGT2 ipod interface not charging.

    Thanks very much. That explains it. I actually like the ability to skip tracks on the steering wheel so might try to make up a lead to address this.
  20. V12cat

    NGT2 ipod interface not charging.

    I've got a W164 ML420 with a mercedes ipod connector in the glove box. I want to add bluetooth connectivity for audio but I doubt one of the ipod to bluetooth adapters will work because the ipod port doesn't seem to charge an ipod. Is there something wrong with mine or is this how they are? I'm...
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