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  1. OneCarefulOwner

    Mudflap - Singular!

    Have you had any luck finding a mudflap yet?
  2. OneCarefulOwner

    Wanted for 95/5 W124 E320 estate

    As you've so few posts we can't PM you... Do you need a front or rear door handle?
  3. OneCarefulOwner

    One of a kind. but what a price.....

    Thing is, we also now know that this ISN'T a "one-of-a-kind" car, because of the one in the US that was being sold earlier in the year in a similar condition. Didn't that one go for less?
  4. OneCarefulOwner

    what irish plate is worth £3000?

    If he thinks he can make £5k off the requirement that the plate be misrepresented to display what he's claiming, he IS a bellend. First time you get a tug with that showing, it'll get revoked.
  5. OneCarefulOwner

    Recommended breakers/scrappers?

    Time has been called on my S124; it was cheap, I've had a good 10 months/8000 miles out of it but to keep it going for another year, Colin Ferns has quoted a minimum of £2k - that's just the essentials, not the rusty wings & the like. It's got some good optional extras (A/C, sunroof...
  6. OneCarefulOwner

    Lemming-like grille star!

    I've just had my 3-pointed star jump off the bonnet while cruising at high speed! I don't believe it's due to anyone messing with it while it was parked, and I'd already had a 2 hour drive first-thing this morning during which time the star showed no signs of being loose. Is it normal for...
  7. OneCarefulOwner

    W124 estate boot carpets in mushroom

    My estate's doomed, so I'd have no problem with you having the carpets, seats, & load cover. I've also got an OEM black PVC hardshell boot liner, which could help you avoid this happening again in the future ;) Located in SW16.
  8. OneCarefulOwner

    Cheap ( and nice ) E55 estate

    This car is on my mind way more than is healthy…
  9. OneCarefulOwner

    Cheap ( and nice ) E55 estate

    Romford, Brentford, it's all the same ;)
  10. OneCarefulOwner

    Convert my old key to new

    Is there a way to do something similar with the old brick/flick keys like my W124 has? It steadfastly refuses to come back to life after the normal resoldering (as explained elsewhere on this forum) so I was wondering if I could transfer any specific part into a new keyfob before trying to get a...
  11. OneCarefulOwner

    Flat bettery w124

    If you're leaving the car for several weeks between starts, either fit a trickle-charger to cover the normal drains (clock, radio memory, etc.) or disconnect the battery between uses; just be sure to keep all reactivation codes handy!
  12. OneCarefulOwner

    Beep/Buzz Sound on ignition turning W124?

    My W124 only buzzes when the lights are on & the driver's door is opened; wouldn't surprise me if that was the case in the videos as well. It's certainly only meant to sound when there's a problem - it is a warning buzzer, after all!
  13. OneCarefulOwner

    Maybe a cheap C43 for someone

    I wouldn't call 3-4 months "long" MoT/Tax, but it's enough to get a feel for the car I suppose.
  14. OneCarefulOwner

    W124 Heater fan playing up

    After umming and ahhing (and getting screwed on a potential replacement), I've finally seen sense & I'm keeping my S124. However, as is always the way with these things I described the car to someone as being totally reliable, then jumped in it & tried to turn on the blower for some fresh air to...
  15. OneCarefulOwner

    under floor lighting

    Blue lights on the whole are a no-no, even the little LEDs & replacement sidelight bulbs you can get from Halfords are dubious & could result in a pull, if only so they can look for something "proper" to nick you for. So long as they're not causing glare for other road users, and not showing...
  16. OneCarefulOwner

    The radio is playing games with me. w124 300ce

    When you replaced the speaker, you definitely reconnected it the correct way round?
  17. OneCarefulOwner

    1980 mercedes 280 ce coupe auto full mot runs well

    Shame I haven't already commited to something else :( That's lovely.
  18. OneCarefulOwner

    300sd, 1982 - 3,600 miles, Ebay US

    That is awesome. As stated, it belongs in a museum - incredible! :eek:
  19. OneCarefulOwner

    Come on indies/techies - it's tricky test time

    Mice. Large mice, not running fast enough on the little wheels.
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