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  1. JohnnyLou

    Serpintine belt

    Hi, can any members give me some advice on renewing a serpentine belt on a 2008 S204 C class 220 tdi estate, I understand the basics of fitment but can't see the 'lug' that you have to push forward to relax the pulleys that the belt runs on, any tips please would be much appreciated ....
  2. JohnnyLou

    Fuel rail pressure sensor

    at last I've cracked the problem ! I figured that the car would run ok until I booted it ! Then it would lose power ,so I figured that it wasn't an injector or the rail pressure sensor at fault, it was in fact the low pressure in -tank sender unit ! bought a new Bosch unit for £100 and fitted...
  3. JohnnyLou

    in tank pump

    Hi, has any one ever fitted a new 'in tank' diesel pump o/s in a Mercedes 220 tdi s204 2008 ? Any advice welcomed and what sort of difficulty rating and time involved please ....many thanks
  4. JohnnyLou

    Fuel rail pressure sensor

    not sure just yet...still working on the fault, the engine rotates but will not run ! Low pressure is one of the problems....
  5. JohnnyLou

    Fuel rail pressure sensor

    Hi. Can anybody confirm that it is ok to renew a pressure sensor switch without having to buy the complete fuel rail assembly ? I'm being told by a Mercedes workshop that the Delphi sensor switch cannot be renewed by it self, the sensor was a genuine Delphi part with all the right part...
  6. JohnnyLou

    Engine problem

    Hi guys , advice required, I've a 2008 s204 tdi est., every now and again the engine loses power momentarily and then picks up again , also when I'm reversing at slow speed the motor will cut out but restart ok....I maintain the car meticulously and have recently cleaned out the egr unit ....any...
  7. JohnnyLou

    Engine problem

    Advice please, my 220 cdi S204 Mercedes is not starting very well , engine turns over ok but fails to fire...after a few times it fires up and alls well but after a few miles the power suddenly dips and then picks up again...I connected my diagnostic tool and I'm getting a message saying that...
  8. JohnnyLou

    Power steering oil

    Hi . Need some advice please on what Fuch's oil is the right grade etc to buy for my m/b c class S204 tdi est. 2008, any advice would be appreciated...
  9. JohnnyLou

    Diagnostic tool

    Hi, has any members have any advice or comments on the 'I-carsoft diagnostic' tool the I-190 model for m/b ?
  10. JohnnyLou

    obd 2 scanners

    Hello guys, I need to buy a obd 2 diagnostic tool , I have 2 Mercedes , a 2008 c class and a 2010 c class saloon they are both diesels....some advice please on the best tool to buy ....I need a basic but good tool that will give most of the info I req. thanks
  11. JohnnyLou

    E63S brake caliper paint recommendation.

    One solution is to buy a pack of Folliac calliper paint, you get a tin of red paint plus the special clear coat paint, absolutely fantastic paint ! can't be beaten ! I did all my callipers 12 months ago and they look great !
  12. JohnnyLou

    Brake disc

    Hi guys, am fitting new disc to my c class S204 m/b 2008 tdi est. I'm fitting new front disc made by a German firm called Meyer, they were recommended to me by a trusted friend, do any members have any advice or experience with this make of disc ? all replies appreciated
  13. JohnnyLou

    Brake disc

    Hi guys, am needing to renew my front discs on my 2008 c class S204 tdi estate, any recommendations on what make to fit would be much appreciated, I like Pagid, and few other makes on the market but would like some advice....thanks
  14. JohnnyLou

    Auto locking system

  15. JohnnyLou

    Auto locking system

    Hi guys, when moving off in my s204 c class 220 cdi '08 m/b the doors would auto lock at 5-8 mph....for some reason that auto locking has stopped working,...but I can still operate it manually from my door mounted switch.....any help or suggestions would be appreciated
  16. JohnnyLou

    Auto gearbox

    Thanks pal,
  17. JohnnyLou

    Auto gearbox

    Hi,...need some advice guys, I've a 58 plate S204 c class 220 cdi estate and it's done 50k miles and have had no I need to have the Gear box oil changed? It's a 5 speed auto....
  18. JohnnyLou

    Auto gearbox

    Hi, I have a S204 220 cdi 2008 Mercedes, do I need to have gearbox oil and if fitted filter changed periodically? any advice appreciated...
  19. JohnnyLou

    C class 220 58reg ... How do you replace indicator bulbi in wing mirror?

    Any advice would be appreciated
  20. JohnnyLou

    iphone 5s IOS 7.0.5 bluetooth not pairing with car

    I'm still trying to fathom out how to download my contacts on to the system in my 58' c220 cdi.... Can't understand why my local m/b dealer seems less than helpful...
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