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  1. LowMilerAMG

    W124 Jenhert Front Door Pods

    Me too!
  2. LowMilerAMG

    W124 Jenhert Front Door Pods

    Look good Dash, what's the sound like?
  3. LowMilerAMG

    Not Too Many Like This! Cool 190E

    This looks cool, retro 90's at its best!
  4. LowMilerAMG

    Same camshaft on 320 as a c36amg?

    Schrick also did updated cam's for the 104 engine but these are harder to come by than the AMG ones, although they do turn up from time to time
  5. LowMilerAMG

    Same camshaft on 320 as a c36amg?

    You have to remember with AMG Parts that they all begin with the letters HWA The engine in the C36 is a M104 941 which is a 2.8 as that was the base car that was sent directly to AMG to tear apart and convert into the C36. It was early days of the takeover time with Mercedes and AMG, so...
  6. LowMilerAMG

    Anyone used Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat?

    Just be careful to rinse it all off, as on darker cars you may notice some streaking! Great stuff if used correctly!
  7. LowMilerAMG

    Same camshaft on 320 as a c36amg?

    A 320 cam will fit , there's no problem with that regard as the cam's use same bearings/carriers. The difference lies in the grind I.e., the profile of the lobes. If you look at your original cam you will see AMG cast into it around the 2nd or 3rd lobe. If I remember correctly the cam is still...
  8. LowMilerAMG

    Same camshaft on 320 as a c36amg?

    The 320 cam has less lift than the 36 one. The variator is also different.
  9. LowMilerAMG

    Mercedes W124 M103 3.0 3.2 12v 190e W201 AMG Rocker cover

    Agree with Dash, it's a big badge that they also used on the 3.4 M104, been NLA for a long time now, so more likely than not , especially with a HWA Part No, genuine.
  10. LowMilerAMG

    1995 E36 AMG Coupe for sale

    Absolutely! Couldn't agree more! They are just cars! Each to their own!
  11. LowMilerAMG

    C32 amg

    Lobe rotation? Generally only occurs with hard driving from cold! Hope that a sensible owner would never be so heavy footed and non sympathetic!
  12. LowMilerAMG

    1995 E36 AMG Coupe for sale

    Sorry, maybe I'm over fussy, that's my history file and no that's not what's gone wrong! But it tells a story
  13. LowMilerAMG

    1995 E36 AMG Coupe for sale

    No big deal with Mann cabin filter as its OEM, what I'm trying to say without ruffling any feathers and getting in to a forum spat, these engines should run on copper core Bosch F-8DCO, Beru 14F-8DUO or Champion C10 YCC or their newer replacements as specified on the factory fit stickers...
  14. LowMilerAMG

    1995 E36 AMG Coupe for sale

    I remember the Silver Arrows advert for it! I think the original purchase price from new was £52k! Shame that last owner has started to use pattern parts on a rare old beast!
  15. LowMilerAMG

    W124 300CE WideBody in White

    Shouting out for a Duck Tail!
  16. LowMilerAMG

    Slk 32

    The trouble is I think, these cars are generally seen by the trade as an SLK320 with just a body kit and I think this generally pushed the prices down to a low level! I also think consequently there are a lot of unloved ones out there and with the rust issues not many are still on factory paint...
  17. LowMilerAMG

    s124 wide body te 24v

    Good luck Niks, looking good!
  18. LowMilerAMG

    Mercedes 190 cosworth

    Nearly bought a Evo 2 in 2002 sub 15 k miles for £22000! Missus thought it looked brash and we were in our late twenties! Doohhhhhh! Around that time there were 3 or 4 for sale with different mileages! I guess that's Gotta go down as a huge mistake! :-(
  19. LowMilerAMG

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG Teddy Mayers car very big money

    Didn't this pop up a while back? Or is my old age setting in?
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