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  1. Tigger

    What section of the Merc EPC are wiper arms in?

    For my W211, it is 82 - Electrical System and 120 - Pane Wiper. Hopefully should be similar for yours.
  2. Tigger

    Speeding ticket - unknown driver

    This is not legal advice and I am not a legal professional so please perform your own due diligence. Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 states the following: A person shall not be guilty of an offence by virtue of paragraph (a) of subsection (2) above if he shows that he did not know and...
  3. Tigger

    Don't know why i did it

    There is always the sense of occasion when you bring out the Benz... or is it just a Bentley thing... You don't get that with a Focus. :D
  4. Tigger

    W211 e320 dropped

    From what you describe, it seems like the car knows it is too low so the compressor starts but because the car isn't coming back up to height, the compressor stops. I would start with the basics as in: Was the compressor refurbishment successful and is it producing air/pressure as it should...
  5. Tigger

    W211 722.6 valve body help

    The thinking is that the ATF will have metallic particles causing a degree of electrical conductivity which can cause weirdness. Regardless of which route you take, i.e. replace valve body or spruce up your existing one, keep us posted of what you find as you disassemble.
  6. Tigger

    W211 722.6 valve body help

    The pilot bushing has o-rings which fail due to age and heat cycling. Obviously changing the pilot bushing will require ATF draining as a minimum hence best to combine with a filter change.
  7. Tigger

    W211 722.6 valve body help

    My pilot bushing was bone dry externally too but when I released the connector it was full of ATF. Same story with the TCU connector - looked nice and dry externally but when released from TCU, all the pins were full of ATF as well as the sockets.
  8. Tigger

    W211 722.6 valve body help

    Also take a look at the electrical connector plug where it plugs into the gearbox. You may find that it is full of ATF which can also cause weirdness and there is also the possibility that ATF will have wicked itself up to the transmission control module. I have the same year and model car as...
  9. Tigger

    W211 rear toe bolts and nut plates.

    600 - THRUST ARM - A2303500329 (LEFT) & A2303500429 (RIGHT) 610 - SCREW - N000912012153 620 - WINDOW - A1403521376 630 - NUT - N000000003276 640 - SCREW - A0139901301 650 - SCREW - A0039901922 660 - WINDOW - A0069906340 670 - HOUSING - A2303520034 680 - THREADED PLATE - A2303571042
  10. Tigger

    W210 OM606 overheating

    I would suggest the first thing to do would be to get a sniff test done to eliminate any possibility of a head gasket issue.
  11. Tigger

    Windscreen Wipers Motor Cover Panel

    Based on your VIN, the following part numbers apply: Cover - A2118301313 Rear weatherstrip is one piece ( I assume you mean the rubber seal that goes all round) - A2117401178
  12. Tigger

    W211 boot floor carpet liner

    The handle is in two parts - handle and frame which are available separately: A2206800214 - Handle A2206840265 - Frame
  13. Tigger

    2004 E320 CDI BRABUS tuning chip CEL

    That connector looks fine but you would need to join 2 pins inside it to join the green/violet and green wire of the D6 unit.
  14. Tigger

    2004 E320 CDI BRABUS tuning chip CEL

    You will need to join the green/violet and green wire of the D6 unit to resume the signal connection when the D6 unit is disconnected. How you do this is up to you whether using a plug or joining/insulating wires.
  15. Tigger

    2004 E320 CDI BRABUS tuning chip CEL

    Yes there will be no signal from the fuel rail pressure sensor to the ECU. So if you are intent on removing the unit then it should be easy enough. The green/violet cable from the rail sensor on pin 59 in Plug M is currently cut and joined to the green/violet and green wire of the D6 unit...
  16. Tigger

    2004 E320 CDI BRABUS tuning chip CEL

    I think that is exactly the case - signal wire becomes open circuit hence the engine light.
  17. Tigger

    2004 E320 CDI BRABUS tuning chip CEL

    So the harness will need to be followed and it is likely wired into the ECU harness - this wiring will need to be reversed. No doubt there will be signal wires that have been cut and joined to wires to the D6 unit - hence you get issues when you simply unplug the unit. You could always try...
  18. Tigger

    2004 E320 CDI BRABUS tuning chip CEL

    I think you will need to follow the harness from the Brabus tuning chip to see how it is integrated and reverse that. A generic tuning box that I have seen plugs inline to the fuel rail pressure sensor so if the box itself was just disconnected then it would leave the circuit incomplete.
  19. Tigger

    Aux on cd changer

    As you have an Audio 50 with the cassette player, the best solution on a budget is as follows: A decent cassette adapter - I can recommend this Griffin one. Griffin iTrip Cassette Adapter A bluetooth cigarette lighter charger - I can recommend this Baseus one as it looks really nice in a W211...
  20. Tigger

    E 320 cdi 2004 won’t start

    From top pin to bottom pin. If you pause the first video on 2:07 then it should be clear.
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