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  1. Ricks Cafe

    Anyone for Tennis

    As a keen tennis player myself I wonder if she would be impressed with my deep lob to the back of the court?
  2. Ricks Cafe

    203 Front brake backing plates

    Hi Lyseman I will buy these.
  3. Ricks Cafe

    203 Auto dimming mirror

    Hi Lyserman I will buy it.
  4. Ricks Cafe

    C180 1.8 CGi Cam Chain and Tensioner

    Are you sure the cam chain etc is the actual problem? I ask because my car has 3 times the mileage of yours and it`s just a bit rattly on v cold mornings but thats about all. Maybe get the opinion of a good indie? Car Mechanics magazine did a cam chain rebuild a few years ago which I would...
  5. Ricks Cafe

    Without revealing your actual age...

    TV ad. John Collier John Collier. The window to watch.
  6. Ricks Cafe

    Which brand of tyres to go for?

    I have tried most of of the above above plus yokohama tyres on my car. Spent lots of time researcing the best tyre for grip comfort etc. Have spent £130.00 per corner. But to be honest for the last couple of years I just get the cheapest budget tyres and IMHO there is no discernable difference.
  7. Ricks Cafe

    Caved in

    IMHO a soft wash brush is the best way to wash a car. No rubbing that dirt (which is fine abrasive) against the paint.
  8. Ricks Cafe

    Random Q & A's

    Why, when I`ve parked in the most remote space in a car park, does someone park their car next to mine?
  9. Ricks Cafe

    Budget tyres

    I`ve fitted premium tyres such as michelin, dunlop and yokohama at £120 each corner. But to be honest fitting the cheapest chinese tyres (£50.00)I dont really notice much of a difference. Controvrsial I know but just my experience.
  10. Ricks Cafe

    Trunion bushes

    I would ignore the term trunion as it seems to relate to cars of years gone by. The bushes you mention are the inner trailng arm bush (large rubber and steel bush which connects to the sub frame) and the outer arm bush(which connects to the wheel hub). Both of which are sold by ECP and not...
  11. Ricks Cafe

    DIY Wheel Refurb

    Thats a cracking job for a diy refurb and the cost. Well done Sir!
  12. Ricks Cafe

    Gave the cls55 a freshen up ;)

    I`ve just fallen in love!
  13. Ricks Cafe

    c class coupe

    Yes, and?
  14. Ricks Cafe

    Good indy near Cardiff?

    Have had services and work done by Stuttgart several times but my first choice would be Continental Cars.
  15. Ricks Cafe

    CLK or C class coupe, HELP????

    I wouldn`t worry about the auto gear box. Mine has 133000 miles and is as sweet as a nut.
  16. Ricks Cafe

    Your UserName

    Mine is from the club in my favourite film Casablanca.
  17. Ricks Cafe

    Front lower control arms w203

    I agree with camerafodder. I fitted q drive front arms - all four from ecp. Two of them failed the mot less than 12 months later. Buy decent quality and save money in the long run.
  18. Ricks Cafe

    This is hilarious..

    Yep. Lost on me too. I just hope they never have the opportunity to increase their gene pool. "Where ever you go arrive shiny"
  19. Ricks Cafe

    Advice on a way to keep cats out of garden

    Contech Scarecrow. |Motion activated water sprinkler. I was plagued by cats crapping in my garden until this. You can try all the stuff like lemon peel etc but it doesnt work.
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