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  1. Jocky

    Command and Text message query

    With a iPhone you can only display the text you can't reply (unless you use Siri as above) Another option is Apple Car Play if you have it, but that reads out your texts and you respond likewise - there's no text display, it's all voice command.
  2. Jocky


    Service history only comes in to play for your regular punter. There are ways of detecting whether MB vehicles have had mileage adjustments using specific technology - as has previously been said, there is evidence left behind throughout the vehicle if you know how to interrogate it that will...
  3. Jocky

    W213 COMAND online map update stuck on 66%

    I'm on to my second S213 now. I've had two map updates in my first car, one I did manually, the other downloaded to the car on its own and one download in the second car that worked fine. It takes a while mind (like a couple of days sometimes) but I put that down to the 3G network. It does work...
  4. Jocky

    Nice and affordable areas to live in Lincolnshire or nearby?

    I grew up in Lincoln and have only moved one county south since then. As other have said it's a big county from North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe, Brigg) and NE Lincolnshire (Grimsby, Cleethorpes) through to Lincoln itself and market towns such as Louth and Horncastle to the east and Grantham and...
  5. Jocky

    Peterborough dealer

    Didn't they used to flog motorhomes IIRC?
  6. Jocky

    Peterborough dealer

    I'll ask around - see if anyone knows anything. It's on the southbound A1 in an old petrol station opposite the entrance to RAF Wittering, so if you're coming up the A1 from the south you need to go past it and come off at Stamford to head south.
  7. Jocky

    W213 Videos USB/SD (E220d SE Auto)

    Yes that's right - although mine were loaded on a SD card and stored in folders on the card.. My colleague has a 213 estate so I'll grab his keys and check the exact process for you... cheers
  8. Jocky

    W213 Videos USB/SD (E220d SE Auto)

    I can confirm you don't need the dual screen display to play video and I have done this on several occasions - mine were movies in MP4 that I had temporarily downloaded from Kodi. Unfortunately I've just jacked the car in for a CLS so don't have it anymore, so I guess my ability to help...
  9. Jocky

    What COMAND tweaks have you settled on?

    I'm not sure what version software you have, but first thing I do is save common functions to the favourites menu - like home and work addresses, screen display off, sound systems settings etc. Then I create a user profile and store/export other settings to it (memory seats, radio presets etc)...
  10. Jocky

    New E class W213

    Further update is that there is no update I'm afraid. You still can't read in this data and it doesn't look like there are plans for one to be able to.
  11. Jocky

    Live traffic updates

    It is I agree. I'll grab some shots and post them if I get time. Either way, it's clear your subscription seems not to be activated!
  12. Jocky

    Live traffic updates

    The LiveTraffic is a traffic service provided by TomTom so it's the same thing. If you have a connected vehicle (the little car transmitter icon is a clue) then you can activate/deactivate via Mercedes Me. Your car will be on the edge of when the CLS first came 'connected' so if it isn't then...
  13. Jocky

    Live traffic updates

    As I said, can you check your status in Mercedes Me connect? (online not from the car) Select the "Manage Mercedes Me connect" tile and you'll see a "Manage Services" tile Open this, select Navigation and check the status of Live Traffic Information. You would expect to see a green tick and...
  14. Jocky

    2017 W213 E Class Estate(things you should KNOW)

    OK let's debunk some 'fake news' (apparently this is the in-phrase at the moment) I have had a S213 (E220d Estate AMG Line) since the beginning of November. It has now 9k miles. 1) "you need to be speeding in the UK to use 9th gear" No you don't. The car will switch happily in to 9th...
  15. Jocky

    Live traffic updates

    Live Traffic is a subscription service so it will need to be linked to your vehicle. Can you check that this is activated for your vehicle via Mercedes Me/ Connect Me?
  16. Jocky

    C or E

    If you are comparing the current model C class coupe - let's say a AMG line 250d vs the current E class AMG line coupe then you're not comparing like with like in my opinion as the C class has been updated. Having had both, the much newer C coupe handles better, and has a much nicer interior...
  17. Jocky

    Advice needed for new car delivery late >2 months

    Are you ordering at a Mercedes-Benz dealer or through a third party?
  18. Jocky

    Break in

    Maybe they have your Mercedes Me login!
  19. Jocky

    W213 SE Estate Delivery

    Good stuff - let us know how you're getting on with it! It's got it's own 'quirks'! I'll be done with mine in a couple of weeks and off it goes.
  20. Jocky

    BBC's answer to Game of Thrones?

    Far more akin to History Channel/Amazon's 'Vikings' than Game of Thrones I think. I think Vikings is better than this, although the first series wasn't bad.
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