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  1. dougal74

    89 Black S124 Brabus 3.6 7 Seater

    Was at at Brooklands today, lots of similar 80s black beasts. Shame this isn't as original as it once was.
  2. dougal74

    89 Black S124 Brabus 3.6 7 Seater

    Hi all Does anyone have any info on this car: eBay Link
  3. dougal74

    58 67k E280 CDI 7 Seater Avantgarde Estate For Sale

    Car is NOW SOLD - many thanks for the facility. 18" AMG alloys will be posted for sale in the appropriate part of the forum
  4. dougal74

    this should be snapped up quickly w124 E280 sportline

    I agree with all of this but the seller has already taken a deposit on it over the weekend. Deal is not done but will be subject to cleared funds.
  5. dougal74

    58 67k E280 CDI 7 Seater Avantgarde Estate For Sale

    I have found an E63 estate up north so I'm reducing this to £10250 with the AMGs and £9750 on the standard alloys.
  6. dougal74

    58 67k E280 CDI 7 Seater Avantgarde Estate For Sale

    I am the second owner and it has full MB Service history. I bought it Approved Used in 2012 and it has been faultless. Specification is pretty high including 7 seats, COMAND, Bluetooth, 2 x Electric Memory Heated Seats, Parktronic, larger fuel tank etc. There are two options on price. With...
  7. dougal74

    Auto-dipping mirrors

    Can I please confirm if this is the case for a S211 E280Cdi AG also? :dk: Have returned to the Merc fold after many years with BMW :ban: and find it bizarre that the passenger mirror is not photochromic...
  8. dougal74


    From the datacard, no but it has the suspension and wider wheels. The Sportline steering wheel and gearknob were nice...but not that nice! My Diavia A/C was on the datacard for my 300TE and was actually better than the MB A/C on the E320 Coupe.
  9. dougal74

    I like this 124 coupe a lot

    It isn't a true Sportline. It probably has the option code for the suspension and wheels but the lack of smaller steering wheel and Sportline gearknob mean someone has stuck the badges on for effect (probably Avantgarde) and to drive up the price. Oddly no cruise control either.
  10. dougal74

    G400 V8 Twin Turbo Diesel

    You can't give G400 or ML400 CDi models away in Germany (relatively speaking). People go for other diesel models, even underpowered 270s, to avoid the catalogue of issues with the V8 diesel.
  11. dougal74

    Fit for a Prince?

    SW1X 7DD is Chapel Street (1 p) out the back of Buck Palace. Exactly where you'd expect to find a C124...
  12. dougal74

    Not eBay but advising a friend

    Not suggesting it was made in India, rather that the age, suspension height and steering wheel would more likely be found on cars originally intended for markets other than the UK (S. Africa perhaps)? Would a VIN checker report show up where is was destined for originally?
  13. dougal74

    Not eBay but advising a friend

    E220 Cab on an R plate? Helping out a friend here. I used to own a C124 E320 which I loved for a couple of years so I know a fair bit about these cars and have advised him accordingly. He has been to see this one and other than a battery issue this looks pretty straight. No A/C but he says he...
  14. dougal74

    AMG V 22 Spoke on my S211

    Because I used to live near to Gillingham in Kent and now live in Surrey. Plus I'd read good things about Wheel Wizard elsewhere.
  15. dougal74

    AMG V 22 Spoke on my S211

    Please have a look at the below (apologies for the low light). I'm pleased with the stance they give the car: - However, I'm not really satisfied with the refurbished finish from Wheelwizard Ltd in Cobham. They have been painted and the texture is quite pitted in places and not always even...
  16. dougal74

    Ever been tempted by the (Alpina) Dark Side?

    I hope I get away with this on the basis it isn't a BMW but rather a full-fat Alpina! Very different from an AMG but damn good fun: - 2001 LHD Alpina D10 Biturbo Touring FOR SALE - eBay advert My wife is the owner of the D10 BT and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to get in touch...
  17. dougal74

    E280 CDI Sport Estate 2007

    Sorted thanks, picking up a 58 plate E280 CDi AG from MB Loughton this afternoon. Wish me luck!
  18. dougal74

    E280 CDI Sport Estate 2007

    eBay Link Does anyone live near this car in Tadcaster, I am very keen on this one but it is a long way from Spain for a viewing if it is rubbish!?
  19. dougal74

    W163 ML window switch module

    A friend of mine here in Spain has an issue with various of his window switches. His drivers is stuck down and one of the rears is not functional. He tried swapping the switches over themselves but to no avail. Link below shows the module: - MERCEDES MASTER WINDOW SWITCH OE W163 ML ML320...
  20. dougal74

    best e300 ive seen for ages !!!

    He lists the work done in the ad, only 1 new wing and the other resprayed hence the difference of fit. What I am saying is just that if you are happy to accept that poor a job on a wing (to save on the cost of a genuine MB wing) what does it say for the rest of the rectification/modification?
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