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  1. Markjames

    your first car

    Emh957v a mitsubushi colt sigma 2.0l hl estate. In beige with a brown velour interior
  2. Markjames

    Engine warning light

    Not from my car but this is the light
  3. Markjames

    Engine warning light

    I have a 2015 e220d coupe, blue efficiency model. Pulled onto motorway this morning and Amber engine warning light came on. Didn't at first seem to be any change in performance but noticed after a while gearbox will not kick down. Also option for maual gearbox mode has disappeared. When off...
  4. Markjames

    Isle of Sheppey comes under attack.

    I have the pleasure of going over the bridge to work every day.
  5. Markjames

    Deutsche fest

    Anyone going to brands hatch this weekend for Deutsche fest? I am going Sunday with my nephew. Did the Aston Martin club day last Saturday and that was very quiet.
  6. Markjames

    What's your biggest repair bill?

    £4000 on a rover 400 diesel back in 1999. Drive through a very large puddle and ended up needing a new engine. Luckily my insurance coughed up 75%
  7. Markjames

    Where is everyone from?

    Born in Greenwich London, moved to Ashford, Kent in 83 and apart from a stint in Canterbury and whitstable been here since
  8. Markjames


    Hello and welcome
  9. Markjames

    Remapping on pcp

    This was part of the point I tried making earlier. The op asked a question and stated the model of his car as given by Mercedes. I'm sure he realises it's just a trim level as I do with mine so there is no need for all the narky comments about it not being a real amg. Try going into a...
  10. Markjames

    Remapping on pcp

    I have an e class coupe, amg line. I didn't decide to name it that, Mercedes did. I bought it because it was the top spec and had the equipment I wanted. Does that make me a pleb? Does that make me feel special? No.
  11. Markjames

    Are you as quick as Bottas?

    Apart from a couple of jump start can't better 0.28
  12. Markjames


    Never seen that one but you have the four floors of whores just above Harry's bar off orchard road. Never been in but see some odd and interesting sights sitting in Harry's bar.
  13. Markjames

    New to the Mercedes Scene!

    Hello and welcome
  14. Markjames


    Forgot to say, if you like a beer be prepared to pay at least £8 and at least £10 for a glass of wine
  15. Markjames


    We gooutevery 18 months as my wifes dad lives there. Only stayed in one hotrlbut standards out there are very high. As already been said orchard road is very good but it's all about the shopping. Boat quay and clarke quay are full of restaurants and make an interesting night out. Seeing the...
  16. Markjames

    E Class 7g Gearbox update and reset cost

    I had a 2012 c220 and gearbox in that was clunky from day one, Mercedes tried numerous updates and resets but it never really improved. It used to think you in the back when changing down to first especially when cold. Box in my 2015 e220 coupe is as smooth as silk when hot or cold.
  17. Markjames

    Worst Cars Of All Time

    My partner had one of these in the early 90's. It was awful. When we came to sell it my dad bought it off her, took the back seats Out, put metal plates over the back windows and sold it on as a van for more than double what he gave for it.
  18. Markjames

    anyone know much about camera's?

    I have a sony hx400v that is just around your price range. Really happy with pictures I get and very rarely take it out of auto. Also has Wi-Fi so can transfer photos to phone or iPad when on holiday.
  19. Markjames

    Another newbie.

    Hello and welcome
  20. Markjames

    Members ages?

    Got my first one as a 40th birthday present to myself
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