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  1. PeterC280

    How much do you pay for insurance

    09 Plate W204, C280 + Brabus exhaust. 10 yrs+ NCD, £330 XS, 61YO Fully Comp £330 Previous insurers bumped up renewal by £250. Shopping around got it down to £10 less than last year. Be wary of some of the cheap insurers though. Look closely at the repair conditions. Some limit repairs to...
  2. PeterC280

    W204 C280 Sport Fuel comparisons

    Almost 32 MPG from the C350 seems really good. Almost went for a C350 Elegance ... maybe I should have done so. I don't know if it is to MPG detriment but mine came with a Brabus dual twin port exhaust fitted. Dealer confirmed engine not chipped, but maybe the C350 engine better suited to the...
  3. PeterC280

    W204 C280 Sport Fuel comparisons

    I wasn't sure what to expect with the C280. Previously I had run a 2.5V6 Omega mainly on Optimax for 9 years but if I put in 95 Octane there was a noticeable coarseness and lack of low end torque compared to the higher octane fuels. This was felt within a few miles of filling up with a near...
  4. PeterC280

    W204 C280 Sport Fuel comparisons

    First 12 months and car runs well. No measurable benefit from Shell V-Power though, in fact 95 Octane best and worst!? A little better overall than I anticipated. ----- Miles Gallons MPG Fuel Type ______ Period ----- 1884 66.19 28.46 Shell V-Power Summer - Autumn...
  5. PeterC280

    Approved used CLS M272 issue

    What is disappointing from your episode is that the quality of support post purchase gives little confidence in competency. I bought my 2009 C280 last year perhaps with some naivity of the "superior" Mercedes engineering and customer support. As mine comes up for the first service since...
  6. PeterC280

    How much do you pay for insurance

    09 Plate W204, C280 + Brabus exhaust. 9 yrs+ NCD, £250 XS, 60YO Fully Comp £340 Royal & Sun A.
  7. PeterC280

    HELP! Engine revving up and down at tick-over

    I had a very similar cold start fault on a Vauxhall Senator years ago that was diagnosed as a faulty idle air valve that was replaced by the dealer under warranty. There was still some "hunting" afterwards albeit much less and I just remember realising one day shortly afterwards that it was...
  8. PeterC280

    E class design, do you prefer the new front end or the old

    Voted for the 4 headlight W211. Had considered buying the W211 saloon; really liked the overall style coming across as well balanced and pleasing to the eye. The interior looked great too but recently settled on a W204. The new W212 seems to be a large brother of the W204 and in my eyes does not...
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