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  1. kwk

    Cabriolet Fabric Roof Protection

    Also a big fan of Autoglym.
  2. kwk

    manual procedure for softop clk 208

    Yes it does help and thank you.
  3. kwk

    R107 Rusty Bulkhead

    I should stay in bed longer in the morning.
  4. kwk

    R107 Rusty Bulkhead

    This is a five year old thread. The OP's last activity on here was in 2013 so maybe not around any more.
  5. kwk

    W210 E55 side skirts

    If they are the same as a nurmal w210, they are held on by plastic clips and maybe a couple of screws on the ends. Grip them underneath and pull gently, the clips can be brittle.
  6. kwk

    R129 Specialist South Wales

    S K Automotive in Swansea. 01792795667 will sort it and at a fair price.
  7. kwk

    Mercedes ML320 v6 2002 any good?

    I love mine. It's done a few trips to Germany and, although not particularly economical, it is smooth and comfortable with loads of room. Hopefully it will have a longe European road trip in the summer.
  8. kwk

    Hello from Germany & a question of buying british vehicles

    Welcome, love my visits to Germany. For general info on trucks, have a look at TruckNet Uk. Lots of interesting articles.
  9. kwk

    W208 18" onto w202

    The w208 was based on the w202 underpinnings so the wheels should fit. To be sure, check the offset ( the ET number stamped on the wheels ). Genuine AMG wheels will have AMG stamped into them. Try and post a picture.
  10. kwk

    gearbox probs

    It can cause lots of damage running with too much fluid. I would first get the codes read asap at a reliable indie and then, hopefully, a gearbox service will sort the problem.
  11. kwk

    Odd MOT advisories

    I seem to have self repairing cars. Last year the ML had advisories for n/s and o/s front Arb bushes having slight play. Without any intervention from me, the same tester and garage, the problem has now gone away. This has happened with a number of cars with different advisories over the last...
  12. kwk

    hi i am new here

    Welcome Bashar. It would be nice to see some photos as your project progresses.
  13. kwk

    W210 worth it?

    I think a lot of the posts on here from w210 owners have said that this car is really not for you. I don't run mine because I want to say I own a Mercedes, I can afford a much newer Merc. I bought mine because it was such a nice car and I genuinely do like the particular model. As I said...
  14. kwk

    The Dreaded time again

    Yes you can. My ML failed a couple of weeks ago on a blown headlight bulb (working when I left the house) and two indicator bulbs faded and showing the wrong colour. I asked the tester that question and he told me that as long as the previous mot had not expired there was no problem. Funny...
  15. kwk

    W210 worth it?

    As with my earlier post on the w210. Having had a bad one and pullig it apart, I now know where to look on any future purchase.
  16. kwk

    W210 worth it?

    Good luck with finding a good Omega these days. I used to drive them with the police and was also a demo driver for Vauxhall. Omega's also rust and the V6 engines can become quite rough after 100k. They were never as good as the old 24v straight 6. Quite a bit smaller than the E class too.
  17. kwk

    W210 worth it?

    I really don't know why you are even considerig one. I have owned a few and mechanically they have been superb. You do have to be very careful with the body and I posted my current one which is low mileage and virtually zero rust. The one before that was bought with a 12 month mot and was a rot...
  18. kwk

    W210 worth it?

    Most certainly. Having said that though, they are not too difficult to cut out and repair properly. It's all about finding the right one in the first place.
  19. kwk

    W210 worth it?

    I love my w210 although I tried to sell it a few months ago due to health problems. It is now in my garage with only 59k on the clock. Body panel rust is not a huge problem as they are easy bolt on/off.
  20. kwk

    S210 unobtainable paint code for inset trim

    I don't really understand what parts you are talking about. Can you add a photo? A good bodyshop should be able to match the paint or, I have had good service with Halfords who will make up a can for you.
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