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  1. AndyPCD

    Key not turning CLS55

    Speak to mark at Mercedes replacement keys. He will be able to help you. Mercedes key specialists- Need new Mercedes keys?
  2. AndyPCD

    55k blocked breather

    Ive never seen a blocked breather doing that on one of those engines. My money is more on the pipe in front of the oil filter housing split. They never stock that pipe anywhere. Its always back order. I have replaced a few now.
  3. AndyPCD

    55k blocked breather

    Which pipe was it that was replaced on the car
  4. AndyPCD

    55k blocked breather

    Has the isdue been fixed now. As i have seen this a few times now and it was the pipe in front of the oil filter housing that was split. But only leaked once driving.
  5. AndyPCD

    Eurocharged handheld unit arrived today

    Have just checked the tracking it still says scheduled for delivery today.
  6. AndyPCD

    55AMG expert ideas? Bad noises...

    Can you post up a picture of the gap between the supercharger pulley an magnet
  7. AndyPCD

    e55 airmatic problem - help!

    Yeah pm me is a good way of getting hold of us. Also do you have my email address and mobile number.
  8. AndyPCD

    e55 airmatic problem - help!

    Nick There is several things it could be on the car. It could be a leaky strut,valve block etc. You would need the star diagnostic machine to reset the ride heights on the car. But im not too sure how it would of lost its settings just like that. We could have a look at the car if you...
  9. AndyPCD

    C63 timing chain?

    These engines suffer with a few common issues with rattles from the engine. Mainly the variable valve timing gears become noisy on them. Does the car still have warranty on it.
  10. AndyPCD

    I Search Akrapovic Tips for C63...

    Cost on new tips would be £1144.80+vat for a set. Will check stock availability for you
  11. AndyPCD

    I Search Akrapovic Tips for C63...

    We are an Akrapovic dealer. Give us a call today and we can sort them out for you. Landline is 01923 517590
  12. AndyPCD

    Eurocharged Map

    Bring the car in to us and we can do it this week for you
  13. AndyPCD

    Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    I might be able to collect it as i live in Bucks as well.
  14. AndyPCD

    C63 AMG Front & Rear Brake Discs & Pads

    Did you give mb the chassis number. As they should be able to give you a firm answer from that. If you want to pm me the chassis number i can give you a quote.
  15. AndyPCD

    A C63 a day getting Eurocharged

    Im pretty sure we dont have anymore in stock. I will check once we are back in on tuesday. We will be looking to get some more in shortly though if we are out of stock.
  16. AndyPCD

    Parktronic Volume

    On the early models it was possible to change it via star. On the newer ones im not too sure but i would of thought they still would be.
  17. AndyPCD

    CLK55 alternator

    Looking on WIS the working instructions are remove air filter housing, remove fan and thats about it really to get it out. Have you not got an indy you can take it to to get the job done. It will be a lot cheaper than mercedes doing it
  18. AndyPCD

    PLEASE HELP!! My e55 w211 keeps throwing and/or shredding the belt

    Is the car running a stock or smaller supercharger pulley. It sounds like something isnt running true. What make crank pulley is on the car. Is it a merc crank pulley that has been modified.
  19. AndyPCD

    55 AMG Kompressor throttle position sensor?

    I was referring to the throttle body being taught in. The throttle pedal should be just plug and play. What was the actual fault that required the throttle body being replaced.
  20. AndyPCD

    55 AMG Kompressor throttle position sensor?

    They should be taught in with a star machine but can be taught in by leaving the ignition on for a bit. You will hear it clicking once it starts to programme itself. Why was it replaced before. Was it replaced with a new one or a reconditioned one.
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