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  1. GSBellew

    W212 Production Run stopped?

    Saloon production has indeed finished as far as I know, September production was our cut off for ordering if I remember, estates are definitely still in production. Specifying a few December production ones tomorrow.
  2. GSBellew

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Hello fellow G40 owner :cool: Here is mine:
  3. GSBellew

    211 bits

    Most of those parts are very cheap from Mercedes
  4. GSBellew

    Where did the 'S' come from?

    I order parts in work directly off Mercedes Ireland, they use W and S to differentiate between Saloons and Estates.
  5. GSBellew

    W124 E200 - what to pay for an 94 saloon.

    Would a 94 E220 7 seater estate, Auto with Aircon & the nicer walnut trim but with slight damage be of any interest to you? It starts and drives, just needs a tailgate and tailgate glass, it was damaged when a neighbours car was hit by an uninsured driver whilst parked and was pushed into...
  6. GSBellew

    What's the deal with Kompressors?

    Nothing new with Supercharging. Just one well two of many examples:
  7. GSBellew

    W211 facelift conversion

    Some Facelift W211 Part numbers: 211 880 18 40 Bumper cover Elegance parktronic & headlamp wash 211 880 16 40 Bumper cover Elegance headlamp wash 211 880 15 40 Bumper cover Elegance w/o headlamp wash 211 880 08 40 Bumper cover Classic 211 880 16 83 7135 Bonnet grille Classic (Stone...
  8. GSBellew

    Chanel no 4 to axe Big Brother!

    I think this is how it should end:
  9. GSBellew

    Rust warranty goodwill cliam..outcome? worth doing?

    I would say he meant that £ 273 would be his contribution, ie £ 273 = 30% therefore £ 910 = the total cost of the repair.
  10. GSBellew

    What's the oldest part fitted to a current Merc?

    The interior door lock pins on W211's are from W123's, I'm sure they are used on other Merc's too.
  11. GSBellew

    Should i underseal the sills of my SL or just paint black?

    This is what I would use: Dinitrol 448 Water Based Stonechip, there is a solvent based version but the water base one is much more flexable.
  12. GSBellew

    W212 E-Class Offically Revealed

    More info can be found here:
  13. GSBellew

    I swear I will swing for Vista!

    Exactly what I was thinking of saying :p
  14. GSBellew

    The channel Islands and the TV licence

    Move to anywhere outside the UK and get a skybox and UK sky card, this will get you all the BBC's etc with no licence fee. Or if its just the BBC licence fee you don't like paying as opposed to any licence fee then you could always move to Ireland, you would have to pay the Irish TV licence...
  15. GSBellew

    Interior trim from any 80's/90's era Merc that fits 1 button in

    Took a few photo's there, hope you can get an idea of what its like from these, I also took one with a spare W124 window switch in it to give some sort of idea of what its like with a switch. I can see if I can get a photo of one in position on a car if you need it...
  16. GSBellew

    Corrosion on UK cars

    Good theory, but it does not explain why Southern Irish cars do not rust like UK ones (including northern Irish) which you would expect if it were due to the climate, the salt on UK roads is the major difference, they have only really started gritting roads here pretty recently and its not very...
  17. GSBellew

    Interior trim from any 80's/90's era Merc that fits 1 button in

    202 821 00 59 9051 is a black switch surround that fits one W124 series switch. I can take a photo of one later if you like?
  18. GSBellew

    Is it worth buying Euro now?

    I'm going to be pedantic, but its actually the pound that is currently falling in value against the Euro, at the moment Stg £1 will get or € 1.12 / €1 = £0.89 This day 12 months ago Stg £1 would have bought you € 1.39 / €1 = £0.71 So every £1 is now worth 27 cent less / € 1 is now worth 18...
  19. GSBellew

    OEM Mercedes Parking sensor retrofit for a E Class W211

    There are some options out there that are very similar in appearance and function to the original Mercedes Parktronic, "third eye" springs to mind, same internal display in the roof cloth, only visible external difference is that the sensors on the bumper have a ring around them while the OE...
  20. GSBellew

    Garage told me they could change half leather to full leather..

    I presume you are talking about a pre-facelift W211? They had a "twin leather trim" option which was a mix of vinyl and leather, post facelift cars have "artico" which is a full vinyl trim. I'd check what exactly they are offering to do, we have changed the door inserts on twin leather /...
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