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  1. Roadie

    A service 5000 miles early

    Not too bad I guess Your service has been calculated, please expand the following sections to view the details. Service Operations (click to expand/collapse) These items are required but check service history to ensure that they have not been done in recent...
  2. Roadie

    A service 5000 miles early

    Oh I won't reset it myself as my service history is all up to date and i'd like to keep it that way. So if I get a garage to change the oil only that be enough to get a stamp and reset to 10k? I only ask as its up for sale due to lack of use and i'm trying to keep the spend to a minimum.
  3. Roadie

    A service 5000 miles early

    Thank you for your response Stevesey - off the top of my head the last service was over 12 months ago and last night I topped 80k Willow132 - I hardly use it to be honest BlackC55 - 2 years really? I must check the paperwork So do I simply have to get it serviced? how annoying
  4. Roadie

    A service 5000 miles early

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone is able to spread some light on my 2000 CLK 320 that has been slowly ticking down from its last service. I'd reached 5,100 miles till next service until yesterday when I got in the car to be told I need service A in 30 days! Did I miss something?
  5. Roadie

    I've been lurking

  6. Roadie

    Now ive been here a week, heres my cars!

    Nice looking car greg, I've had my 2nd CLK now for 6 months now and it still makes me smile. Enjoy it.
  7. Roadie

    How to get a repair bill for £1500 in 2 seconds!

    My boss recently hit an obstruction in the road, I think it was a raised drain or something but it put a nice mark in his sump. He phoned the council as soon as he got in the office and they accepted liability immediately and the next morning the problem in the road was fixed. His insurance...
  8. Roadie

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    Today is a good day as I recently switched mortgage companies and now not only have my monthly repayments gone down but I received an unexpected rebate of a whole months money! So do I spend some of it on, A/ being a good boy and bank it all for that rainy day B/ buy my 2000 CLK 320 a nice...
  9. Roadie

    CLk blower control

    its an X reg CLK 320 conv
  10. Roadie

    CLk blower control

    Hi all, would anybody know if its possible to convert my CLK digital blower control back to the old faithful manual twist dials? My digital control is really annoying as it tries to keep to the exact temperature chosen the fans behind are always speeding up and slowing down and make an annoying...
  11. Roadie

    Folding Hard Top (4 seater)

    Or there is this beauty
  12. Roadie

    Parrot and my N95

    What's so annoying is as the customer I purchase something that is supposed to work with 'all' but it doesn't, Nokia blame Parrot and Parrot blame Nokia. Customer scratches head and wonders why did I bother :-(
  13. Roadie

    Parrot and my N95

    hmmphh, my Parrot is pants with the N95 :-(
  14. Roadie

    Parrot and my N95

    Oh great that's annoying, thanks for the response though Flanaia1. Now i'm going to have the uphill battle with the installer trying to persuade them to remove and refund. Anybody know how I stand legally with this problem?
  15. Roadie

    Parrot and my N95

    Hi all, i've recently had a Parrot MKi9100 connected to my N95 installed which connects fine and makes and receives calls ok but... the problem i'm getting is that only 50% of my phone contacts load up. My N95 is on the latest firmware version, as is the Parrot and all contacts are on Sim card...
  16. Roadie

    Returning From The Dark Side

    A new handbag?
  17. Roadie

    Sync pulse cable

    Thank you for your replies, I thought as much. I didn't remove anything from the car I left them to do that. I will phone them now to see what responce I get.
  18. Roadie

    Sync pulse cable

    Hi all, i've just had my Pioneer X1 Sat Nav fitted to my car including a Parrot hands free but the installer has said that they couldn't find the sync pulse cable to connect to my Pioneer. I did mention to them that my earlier Merc a 1999 CLK used the same hifi and through this forum the cable...
  19. Roadie

    N95 & SAP Cradle

    Doh, don't I know it!!! and it's the 2nd time i've done that
  20. Roadie

    Speed limiter how does it work

    Hi all, I was just wondering how many people use the Lim? I personally use it everytime I drive.
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