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  1. gurpsingh

    Replace Steering Pump or Damper?

    Steering damper from eurocarparts is around £20 inc VAT..
  2. gurpsingh

    Any1 know what this part is???

    Sorry people, I got a CLK 230K 2001 with 82K on the clock..
  3. gurpsingh

    Any1 know what this part is???

    Hello people. Any1 know what part this is? Apparently its faulty and needs changing. It's causing a 'check engine' on the dash along with a P0410 SECONDARY AIR INJECTION SYSTEM on star diag... (& higher than usual fuel consumption).. The car is running sweet though.. I know there...
  4. gurpsingh

    Air Flap Actuator for clk Kompressor w208

    Was it the end of it? Think I'm having the same problem...
  5. gurpsingh

    Soot in exhaust?

    Mercs only.. Hello.. Just wondering what the final resultof their f*** up was? I got an error light - check engine, on my dash and diagnostics is telling me its error P0410 - secondary air injection system. So, I call mercs only after hearing them on clubasia & the bloke on the other end...
  6. gurpsingh

    Any1 with a STAR DIAG kit in London??

    Hello.. Any1 with a Start Diagnostic kit in or around East London?? Need to hook my CLK230K up... Cheers g
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