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  1. PhilT

    C63 Oil Leak and Engine Removal for repair

    Did you get this sorted? Which dealership fixed it? Was it covered under warranty?
  2. PhilT

    Higher tax

    I dont think you are correct as everything on here says other wise, plus I contacted the dvla and they confirmed if the car is 6 year old next year it applies like all the information in this thread it will go down £310
  3. PhilT

    Higher tax

    Does that mean that my 2013 July c63 car £550 a year tax will be £140 a year beginning in July 2019?
  4. PhilT

    Transmission leak - advice please

    Please read my thread below, basically same problem, happened after 3rd year gearbox service, gone on for 2 years and I have paid for one so called fix plus further inspection charges. Its alot more common than people think. I can find 10 examples alone all with the same car after having the...
  5. PhilT

    Transmission leak - advice please

    Did you ever get this sorted?
  6. PhilT

    Rear oil seal leak S204 C63 2009

    Did you ever find what the problem with the car was?
  7. PhilT

    C63 service issue

    Guys, what was the fix? Had the same problem after 3rd year gearbox service and two years later still not got to the end of it because its a slow leak, already paid for what they thought the problem was and it still has not sorted it.
  8. PhilT

    C63 AMG premium next year's price.

    Its abit more than that, it has 9 speed gearbox which has quicker changes and also has the 9 stage traction control from the Mercedes GT-R. Plus an extra slippy mode. You can alos change how aggressive the diff locks with four options. Cosmetic changes are, new front grill and lower grills and...
  9. PhilT

    Service - Main dealer vs Specialist

    Your wrong actually, with the extended warranty you can still get it serviced at an independent as long as they use genuine Mercedes parts and the invoice shows it. Then they will be fine with it if warranty work needs doing, but you have to get warranty work done at a main dealer.
  10. PhilT

    I'd like some LSD.

    All that info about the Quaife is correct thats why the Wavetrac one is better as it acts like a clutch type LSD. I have the wavetrac for mine just need to get round to fitting when I get some other things done.
  11. PhilT

    I'd like some LSD.

    Your still wrong too if you think you cant do a two wheel burnout without an LSD. Wow look my non lsd below, only looks like one mark ;) Plus I was correct then as I was assuming he was asking if he had one fitted from standard when the car was new.
  12. PhilT

    I'd like some LSD.

    Totally wrong, you can still do elevens without an LSD. The best way is to put up your reg plate and someone can use the checker to see what specs your car came with. Otherwise you will have to jack the rear of the car up and see if one wheel turns or both.
  13. PhilT

    C63 2012 Carbon front Splitter

    If you want the same one a picture would help as there are loads of different splitters. Then it depends if you want a perfect fit, perfect quality or one that doesnt fit as well etc
  14. PhilT

    A/C not working???

    Both sorted under warranty? Mine goes in next month with the service. What year car are yours too? Mine is 2013 with very low milage.
  15. PhilT

    Facelift w204 C63 - track cooling

    I have made one myself which I did a long time ago after people started doing them on mbworld and like on there it cost no where near that, it was even cheaper for me due to a friend who works with carbon but he gave me the costs it would take for anyone to do and laughed when I told him how...
  16. PhilT

    Facelift w204 C63 - track cooling

    Most likely because you can make your own for half the price they were at, a sheet of 3mm carbon, cutting and a bracket costs no where near £200 to make. A full sheet of carbon alone is £30-40 (can probably get 3-4 made from one sheet), cutting to dims about the same for a company to do it so a...
  17. PhilT

    Facelift w204 C63 - track cooling

    It does a few degrees, people even on mbworld agree to that but after long periods the difference is very minimal. When mine is finished it will have one central shroud for the main coolers with two outer shrouds diverting air into the side coolers (one which is currently taken up by the horn in...
  18. PhilT

    Bajie’s C63 AMG 507

    They did do it in the original exhaust as it has a small H pipe in the resonator.
  19. PhilT

    C63 AMG Oil Change

    The car should be having 5w 40 these days as Mercedes changed to that in 2014-2015. I have found the car runs a cooler oil temp on that too and with Shell Helix which Mercedes use.
  20. PhilT

    A/C not working???

    Mine has got the same problem at the moment, has been garaged for months and was fine before it was. I went out for a drive in it a few weeks ago with same issue flashing red ac, no cold air or the ac motor turning. The car is under extended warranty and glad it is £800+ for it to go on a...
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