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    SLS AMG tunnel ad. Fake or not?

    complete fake - look at the lighting rig on the walls of the tunnel - although it is on both side of the tunnel in the before and after shots, it disappears when the do the 'loop'. Watch the slow mo and you can see the join where they splice the CG bit in :)
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    My post was a response to your comment where you seem to be unable to hear your engine or be aware of what gear you are in - driving without due care and attention or seriously in need of glasses (to check either the tacho or speedo) and/or hearing aid? So why the stupid emoticon? If you...
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    check speed, 1, If you are travelling at 30 mph (or slightly less) do not press throttle any harder 2, If you are travelling too fast, lift foot off throttle until the desired speed is achieved then do not press throttle any harder. It's driving a car, not rocket science :)
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    I did drive a 5.4 litre V8 and managed to not get caught doing 35 mph :devil: I've also driven 3.5 litre V8s, a 7 litre V8, a 4.5 litre V8, 3.2 litre straight sixes and a 3.0 litre V6 all of which I managed to avoid (so far) getting caught by cameras :)
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    without wishing to start a fight, but i don't understand the amount of effort people seem to take checking their speed. There is no need to 'constantly look at the speedo' to drive a car at any set speed. You can hear the engine note. You know what gear you are in, you should know what speed...
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    In some cases they serve a purpose - I don't think that can be disproved. I'm not sticking up for speed cameras, but I would rather see big yellow boxes on poles, with big signs warning you where they are at fixed locations where anybody with eyes can actually see them or anybody with a sat...
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    Just because it is in the Fail doesn't mean it's true :) However, you have quoted it, so please explain to me how have they arrived at that figure? The way I see it..... They took a sample of more than 1500 motorists who had witnessed an accident OR a near miss - so the near misses...
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    Shaving the door handles

    shaving door handles isn't a major job (weld the holes shut - don't just fill them) but there are a few problems you have to surmount. Your door 'popper' needs to be a pretty hefty solenoid - rated between 25 & 50 kilos. Don't try and do it on the cheap using central locking solenoids as they...
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    Blackberry Torch - the next iPhone killer?

    HTC have switched to a new Sony Super LCD screen for the Desire because of the supply problem from Samsung
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    The Jackals are circling.

    what you have to consider is all the programs that the BBC make that are shown on other channels. I guess if they charged for any BBC programming you receive including radio on a pay per view/listen basis it would cost a lot more than it currently does. I also think that if the BBC goes...
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    I can remember Brighton and Hove before the cameras - the plod used to hide behind trees and all sorts trying to catch you just as you entered a 30 zone :(. At least with the big yellow boxes you get a chance to see them. In the case of the camera here, the 'massive metal structure' that you...
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    What the law says.....

    if you flatten the passenger seat and open the rear offside window and feed the timber through diagonally it won't stick out very far at all - is it legal? - probably not but as I said earlier, the police never seem to bother anybody leaving our local retail park which has two DIY stores. Cars...
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    What the law says.....

    I would think that the police have much more important things to worry about especially when we see them ignoring all sorts of home grown DIY transportation solutions outside our local B&Q :) Do you have a sunroof?
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    Lexus mock the German Marques in latest ad...

    Your car is less than ten years old and you have had to get all that remedial work done yet you still say how wonderful MB cars are? Our W210 had been resprayed by MB twice yet was still rusting again when we sold it Cars of this (perceived) calibre shouldn't rust like that in such a short...
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    not all of the cameras are a waste of time - the one they installed on our local bypass had a drastic effect on serious accidents. From four fatalities in three years to zero fatalities (or even accidents at that spot) in the last five years suggests something has worked. It always amazes...
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    Hey Gooooooooooood

    how long before the entire camera network is handed over to a private company? The infrastructure is in place, these councils are not removing the cameras, they are just putting bags over them - if they were intending to get rid of them surely they would have started taking the cameras away...
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    This video is brilliant

    the tag line should have been 'quick get them inside before it starts raining and they go rusty'
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    Advice Please. Young Ringway soon to start driving.

    99% of road cars do not have anywhere near enough power to 'get you out of trouble' in most situations. However, 100% of them do have ample power to get you into trouble :) On the insurance thing, the curfew policies seem a good idea - there is a lad near us who halved his premium by...
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    Top Gear on Sunday looks interesting...

    I wonder how many complaints there were about this - same subject but not involving Clarkson Video : liaison dangereuse adv - Vidivodo
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    Non Merc.........Alfa 156 issue

    I'd pop in here The site for Alfa Romeo Owners
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