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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Yes, we want your waters but, failing that, nobody else can fish in our waters. So share and share alike only applies when it favours the French (quelle dcuking surprise). Ultimately its a small issue but talismanic for many Brits and the EU is going to have to lose this one in the final...
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    Electrical safety certificate 18th edition

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I think it's him trying to find more work to do/charge for. My wife just wants it done so we will be going ahead anyway
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    Electrical safety certificate 18th edition

    Hi For an ESC to be issued my electrician is telling me the fuseboard must have an rcbo on both sides of the board or its a fail. Is this a legal requirement or simply an advisory? This is for a private house not rented accommodation. If this is the case then surely most household in the UK...
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    Can you usually tell a D1ckhead on first impressions?

    I like that quote, going to try to memorize it for future use!
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    Can you usually tell a D1ckhead on first impressions?

    The older I get, the more I realise my first impression is usually right. Humans have a very good BS /DH, detector if they choose to use it
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    Conservatory motorized roof opener - repair needed

    I am hoping a electronic/electrically minded wiz on the site is willing to look at the above for me? When I open the unit up I can see a diode on the circuit board has come off but I wonder if they're is more to it than that. I say that as its never worked in the 2 years we've been in the house...
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Exactly, and we wonder why they are clueless about the lives of the common man. The two best preconditions fire being an MP should be nobody under the age of 40 (so you have to go earn a living first) and nobody who was educated at Eton.
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    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Of course, as with all changes there will be winners and losers....but if we are talking a more equitable existence for the many then they will have to be casualties and that would be the unfortunate knock on for some. As I say though I don't think they have too much to worry about in the near...
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    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    If the Davos crowd really want a more equitable society the very first objective should be to remove all tax havens...I won't hold my breath waiting.
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    The Football Thread

    7-2, just wow.
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I think it's more to do with the EU attitude towards our territorial waters in negotiations. Eg. The French insisting it all remains the same otherwise nothing else gets discussed. Clearly the Norwegians wanted to get on and just agree things.
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    Rre C124 Twin Turbo

    I have an M104 3.2 coupe TT that we built almost a decade ago. It's a rather involved process including a thicker gasket, in my case a complete engine rebuild using a donor block, forged pistons, new Split second injection timing (the supplied TT one with the kit was just an adjustable...
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    Solar Panels.

    Why would you not put a planning application in? Do you know already the planners will knock it back because the area you are in has some special status?
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    Spitfire flyover.

    If you mean an English Electric lightning 0- 60,000ft in 3 minutes is pretty impressive. Very interesting over/under engine format and those swept wings look cool too. Not bad for a 1950s machine!
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    Spitfire flyover.

    A few years ago I was working the Paris air show where we had a chalet overlooking the apron to entertain clients. All afternoon we had flying displays of the usual tat (F16s, Rafales, F35s, A380,A400M---you get the idea). The displays are quickly ignored and are just noise in the background. As...
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    Talk to me about boats

    Step away from the light!
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    How to re-enable SBC in W211?

    How long have you been running on a reset SBC unit? How many miles have you covered?
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    Turkey, today.

    That's the antithesis of anywhere I would go on holiday. Thank goodness we are not all the same. Have a great holiday!
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    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Rumbled in this instance means found out
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    Beirut mystery explosion

    Lee, school days were some of my best because of CCF. We had such a laugh doing things that simply would not be allowed these days. The highlight was going to West Berlin on a train and stopping with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers at Montgomery barracks. Then I grew up and sold ammo around...
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