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    wheels for my W204 2008 180K

    Hi I am needing some guidance re suitable wheels for my car. I'm sorry but being dense the stickie guide baffled me lol I am looking at some 18" amg designated A207 18 inch wheels from I believe a 2 yr old E class coupe (ET 45) to replace the standard 16" wheels on my elegance. Will they fit...
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    18inch Sports wheels for C180 w204

    hi okay I hope I am doing this correctly! I have been offered 4 5 spoke amg mercedes wheels part number A203 401 55 02and 56 02.. but... does the A203 Designation mean thy are intended for a W203 year C class and not my W204 2008 c180 Kompressor any advice for this newbie would be greatly...
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