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  1. BaldGuy

    Happy Birthday, C43AMG

    Happy Birthday Sir....
  2. BaldGuy

    Mercedes-Benz Type SL Black/Silver, Cow Leather/Stainless Steel High Gloss Polished., R129 W129 R107

    Keychain Typo SL, Black/Silver Leather/Stainless Steel Small replica of vehicle emblem Flat ring with laser engraving Having a clear out of Mercedes stuff.... These are hard to get now... £10 to be sent to Mental Health charity - with proof please...
  3. BaldGuy

    C Class Coupe W203 or SLK171 flappy paddle steering wheel - Black Leather

    This was taken of from my 2007 W203 C350 Coupe - in black leather in great condition. Grab a bargain! £45 + Postage or collection from SW London or Berkshire
  4. BaldGuy

    Whining noise when accelerating 1998 CL600.

    Drive on your own...
  5. BaldGuy

    Who's the lucky owner of this car?

    Remove the spoiler, side skirts, crap badges, put standard suspension back on, refurb the wheels back to silver and its a cheap V8 ride... Only 4 owners... or should it read 14?!
  6. BaldGuy

    Word association game

  7. BaldGuy

    SL320 ...whats the thing in the boot

    Worked for me as i'm bald!
  8. BaldGuy

    Brakes, worth paying extra?

    50% of brakes at Euro Carparts today.... "Flash50"
  9. BaldGuy

    SL320 ...whats the thing in the boot

    Its the cover for the wind deflector... it fits neatly behind.. looks like your missing yours...
  10. BaldGuy

    Word association game

  11. BaldGuy

    Word association game

  12. BaldGuy

    Word association game

  13. BaldGuy

    Public apology

    Honourable Sir... a real mix of people on this forum and at times takes a lot to bite ones lip....
  14. BaldGuy

    New car. 2003 S600

    Loving that Sir... if not fluid, may be electroplate
  15. BaldGuy

    Viseeo MB-4+ For Sale

  16. BaldGuy

    Viseeo MB-4+ For Sale

  17. BaldGuy

    Thoughts on this? 300ce

    It comes with the original wheels too.... WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES The Mercedes comes with two sets of alloys; the two-piece rims photographed are all in fantastic condition and are shod in nearly new tyres. Also available are the original Carat Duchatelet alloys in good condition but requiring...
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