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    Transmission Problems 2011 C220 7G-Tronic

    Well it looks like you need to find a mercedes indy near you,who will have a star,I suspect your box will not be making any codes to be read,but a ATF and filter change will cost around £250 and may well sort the problems out.
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    Welcome aboard Bruce
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    Tailgate Bulb Info

    It just shows what a crazy car world we live in,well done Abbs for finding the fault shame it was not repairable,I see I was not far out with how much a new unit would cost,sometimes you feel we are going backwards when a bulb/led failure turns out to be a complete unit.
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    Tailgate Bulb Info

    So as someone who is not that good with electrics,I take it that this car has to have a new cluster at what £140 at least for a duff bulb/led,maybe we have somebody who can repair and give us a how to do it,could a auto electrician do it? :confused:
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    andy croom new member

    Welcome aboard Andy
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    COMAND NTG 5s1RETROFIT from NGT4.5 Audio 20 ML 350 W166

    Well done,maybe you can video your command in action so we can see it working in your car.
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    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    Well I know people love them but Lando and George are on the edge of getting their cards and P45,just how do you put the car into the wall following the safety car,it has to be a first,Albon has failed at Red Bull,this season has exposed some drivers because the racing at the front is all over...
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    Alarm Siren location help W209 CLK

    Years of life left in that alarm :rolleyes:
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    Slipped disc advice

    Sorry to hear you have this problem with your back,thankfully I have never had any problems with my back ,but know a number of people who do,sometimes they have managed to semi cure the problem by looking at their weight,but also how they walk,I was surprised that one guy found that if he cut...
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    Clay mitt

    Well I used a clay mitt for the first time a couple of months ago,I also bought a spray bottle of stuff to spray when using the mitt,my paint was mirror smooth after I used it,I did one panel at a time,I did not have to do the roof because it is glass,but I am well pleased with the result as you...
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    7g tronic gearbox issue, 2011 c63

    Well the good news is if they repair the valve body then it can go straight back in the car,if you bought a new one it would have to be coded to your car so more expense ,let us know how you got on.
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    7g tronic gearbox issue, 2011 c63

    These 7g boxes do not show codes until things go very wrong in my experience,the problem is you either get the filter and ATF changed and see if it cures the problem,your car has not done the mileage that you would expect a ATF change was needed,but it might cure it,if the oil change does not...
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    I’m looking at buying an E350 Convertible?

    Well as already posted these engines are not a problem with miles under the bonnet,it depends just how much driving you are going to do,wait a couple of months with snow on the ground and soft top prices nudge down a little,if you need a car now then the one posted is not bad.
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    Well you have had the best indy recommended to you best you book it in,Olly is a great guy he will sort it.
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    E-CLASS (W212) E 350 CDI Suspension upgrade help required

    Well it shows how different people can be,I have driven the E350 estate lots of times and for me the handling was great,it is a load lugger and the air at the back with normal springs at the front suit it so well,think you are wasting your money,but hey hope it works out for you.
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    Icarsoft MB V2.0

    Just a thought did you buy the MB V2 from a official dealer there are clones about.
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    C300d (2019) first service

    I have no idea if the op bought his car on a PCP deal if so I thought you had to service it at the main dealer,or at least that what I thought had to happen.
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    Airmatic Puncture

    Well plenty of owners have used Arnott struts I suppose the cost is around £450 and yes you can do it on the driveway,depends how handy you are with a spanner,I have given up sitting on cold concrete so would get a mobile mechanic to change it also he will have the means to overcome any set up...
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    door shims can you purchase door shims for the w124 convertible and if so where thanks

    Not sure what you mean by door shims,if I guess do you have a problem with a door dropping,best you tell us whats happening and what you think the cause is then we might be able to help.
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    Keyless Entry

    Well my car has keyless entry,I would suggest that if you have got your car opening and starting via your mobile phone that you make it so you need to put in the code for opening your phone every time you use it,otherwise a phone theft may also be a car theft.
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