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  1. Lennox

    AMG 18” tyre losing pressure

    Get it off and into a bath or sink. If the alloys are older they can become porus
  2. Lennox

    Black Grille

    Bye bye!!! Was almost nice knowing you!!!! Kidding. Yeah all sound great. Imho murdered out W212s look superb.
  3. Lennox

    189 mpg! What fun!

    Thanks.... 1. I was looking at it as a commuter but I worry about it standing out too much in a city centre bike park. 2. Noise, seen a few videos but unsure how loud it is. Don't want to wake the entire neighbourhood when I leave for work 3. Reliability / build quality? The other...
  4. Lennox

    189 mpg! What fun!

    Tell me more about the spitfire.... Been concidering one fir a while now....
  5. Lennox

    Finally got my C Class!

    I think you should just go the full hog.....
  6. Lennox

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for bad spelling, cumb dunt
  7. Lennox

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for reminding me that MJ gave me a disease, ST of course when I was a boy.
  8. Lennox

    Caption Competition

    Vegan compliant design is getting out of control
  9. Lennox

    Possible Ebay purchase

    Was waiting for you to end by saying, want a red reliable sports car? By an MX5. 😝
  10. Lennox

    W212 Headlight Darkening?

    And look really nasty..... Make the car look really tacky.
  11. Lennox

    Your day in three words.

    Recovering garage party....
  12. Lennox

    He Who Posts Last . . . .Wins . . .

    Why won't kids sleep right through....? 😒😴
  13. Lennox

    Car Thefts UK

    Ah I'd that shy sometimes the key doesn't work when in my pocket..... Light on my feet you see.... Maybe I need to jiggle my pokey before approaching the car...
  14. Lennox

    AMG’s in Picture.....

    I'm sensing you have come to some sort of a conclusion?? 😝:doh:
  15. Lennox

    He Who Posts Last . . . .Wins . . .

    Thinking of trying this out....
  16. Lennox

    Your day in three words.

    Covid closing in 😢 Friend base infected😣 Lock down enforcement 🔒
  17. Lennox

    Getting rid of horrid silicon from interior trim

    I'm almost out of pop corn...........
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