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  1. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    The problem is, these people are effectively carrying our risk assessments, which is a job I did in the past. Unfortunately when doing these, you must always state worst case senario. For example, when working at height, worst case senario is always death, but in my 40+ years doing this job...
  2. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Don't think it did, the second wave coincides with schools and universities reopening, 2.4million students go to Uni's moving all around the country and certainly in the Bristol area accounts for nearly 50% of covid cases. Seeing their behaviour on the national news, god help us if they are to...
  3. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    ^^^^^ Next week apparently
  4. Benzowner

    RIP Sir Sean Connery

    Best James Bond, but liked him best in his later films, RIP Sean
  5. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Apparently the cases of covid in Bristol and I guess the rest of the country is a bloody App, not tests The Covid Symptom Study is an app which tracks people with symptoms across the country and gives an estimate for the number of people with the virus on a given day. Its data, from King's...
  6. Benzowner

    Closing in on the valve stem seals vs piston rings question.

    I would also concur it is the piston rings, but not so sure a compression will show it up. If MB use a 3 - 5 ring system, as many manufacturers do, it may well be the compression ring is ok and only the oil seal rings have gone. You would still get compression ok. It could also be badly scored...
  7. Benzowner

    Possible buyer with Dieselgate fears

    Track record so far, petrol produced too much CO2 so the government tell all to change to diesels, now too much NOX so now tell us all to switch to hybrid or all electric. Be interested to know in 5-10 years how they will dispose of all the dead batteries from cars, and more to the point, how...
  8. Benzowner

    2006 C180 sport locking from distance with fob but not unlocking using RF of IR

    Have you checked the batteries in the key? Although transmitting, it may be a weak signal and not sure, but lock is the default position for security and maybe does not require such a strong signal.
  9. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Why are the deaths recorded with people being diagnosed within 28 days when the self isolating is only 14 days? Are the death numbers being inflated as a result? Had we had the 50,000 nurses we are short, would the NHS need protecting?
  10. Benzowner

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I don't agree with most if not all of the unelected, it is their opinion and should bear little or no relevance.
  11. Benzowner

    W245 B-class rear bumper PDC cutouts

    I have a feeling the rear bumpers were supplied with or without holes drilled, not sure if they we marked inside. I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem marking them out yourself though.
  12. Benzowner

    Recovering Vehicle stuck in PARK

    Obvious question, how did they get it to auction site? It must have been on a trailer, or maybe had the propshaft removed.
  13. Benzowner

    New E-class and Mercedes-Benz UK

    As a matter of interest, and I have no idea here, but is it worth looking at Japan? Their cars are normally right hand drive, have no idea of costs to import them back to the uk or whether MB Japan(?) could get one dropped off here on the way through 😂 😂
  14. Benzowner

    IR35 - Off Payroll Thread

    If I remember correctly, it was first used in the building trade several years ago to remove SC60 "employees" and get them on the payroll. As Dryce says NI is a good earner for HMRC compared with the self employed stamp as was back then.
  15. Benzowner

    Bottom of car hits ramps on the road

    My W245 B180 grounded a lot of the time over speed humps, in the end I just put two wheels on the hump one side to avoid hitting underneath. The B Class does not have a lot of ground clearance especially sport version.
  16. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Well, having seen the way the younger element acted in Liverpool last night, I think it is an impossible task to lower the spread of the disease, and it's not just in Liverpool.
  17. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    University towns I don't think is a reason, Bristol has two universities and a number of colleges, with an increased covid count, but nowhere near those in the north of England, I guess we do have a lot of fields in the south, but even London seems to have escaped the worst, but as you say...
  18. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Anyone any ideas why there should be a significant North South divide on the current number of infections?
  19. Benzowner

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Nice to hear from you John, been too long
  20. Benzowner

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    So that's why they have been wearing them in operating theatres for how long? You mean survival of the fittest? No more to say about that attitude. Polio, measles, dipthiria (sp) didn't work with them
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