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    Driving to northern Ireland

    I'm looking forward to the road trip + ferry from Holyhead - Dublin, then the drive up to Belfast. Any words of wisdom?
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    Fire on the M4

    Saw this the other day What do you think happened?
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    Help needed... strange reaction

    Ok so when I reverse I get what sounds like a REALLY LOUD 'horn' sound from the rear, and its continuous and only happens in reverse. On the motorway, it sounds as if i have a bad wheel bearing too, the loud humming noise coming form the rear. But then... today I noticed something very...
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Audi Insane Crash Save! Final Destination! - YouTube It reminded me of something that happened to me in the kompressor (which had no traction control) and I completely lost it in a very similar manner in icy-wet weather and i had to avoid on coming traffic... i reacted like this guy did...
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    help with potential choices

    As much as I love the little polo (even after the turbo went pop), I'm thinking of changing it by the end of the year as I've now grown a little bored of it. I still do moon miles so it'll have to be a diesel for now, but i'm in no hurry so i'm gonna be scanning around for some time. So I ask...
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    lots of grey smoke, no power, hissing noise

    as the title says, was trying to overtake the other day and the car sounded asthmatic and had a serious power deficit and started to smoke a bit. now it smokes under any kind of acceleration or load and its generally weak. the turbo spool is now very audible. consumption gone up a bit, the...
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    juddering as engaging clutch

    Dear Techies, The other day I was stuck in traffic, forgot I was in 3rd gear and I lifted off the clutch very suddenly to move and the car jolted backwards and forwards then stalled (as any car would if put in a gear too high for it). Now since this has happened, every time I engage 1st gear...
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    Part refund query

    Here goes; Basically there was an electronic part that goes into the back of the steering wheel on the Honda that governs the airbag/horn and the CVT gear change buttons that failed a few months back. Now, my dad went to the dealer bought a brand new part and i fitted it in. 2 months...
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    insurance question

    My brother needs a car for the weekend and i've told him he can use mine, but the problem is when i add him as a temporary driver to my policy even if its for a week, our insurer charges what I believe to be an unreasonable amount of money + the usual BS admin fee. Is it legal for me to get...
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    W202 c55 amg

    1999 MERCEDES C43 AMG | eBay What is the tell tale sign for knowing that the 5.4 lump is in there?
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    Wheel bearings or sticky brakes?

    Dear Techies, I feel like i'm on a bit of roll so I'm trying to solve another problem with my trusty VW. The car recently developed a very audible background whirring noise while the car is moving, it also pulls to one side. Alignment I thought - turned out to be fine. It pulls to the left...
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    Seriously irritating problem here..

    Trying to be the bloody DIY mechanic that I make myself out to be, I managed to get myself into a pickle. Honda Jazz, trying to remove the final security bolt that secures the airbag on the steering wheel and i managed to damage the head bad enough that it will no longer turn. The bolt in its...
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    NRS Brake pads

    NUCAP:: NRS Stops Brake Noise Discuss
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    VW/Audi 5th gear modification

    Hi Guys, I'm contemplating modifying my 5th gear to make it longer on the VW, because I've read it is fairly simple to do. However I have not seen one successful write-up with pics or any info on where to get the parts using google! My car is averaging 60mpg at 70mph on motorways most of...
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    White smoke on acceleration

    Dear fellow techies, I have started to notice something which may or may not be normal. When I go WOT in the car, I notice very small amounts of white smoke (but enough to be visible in my RVM) coming out of the exhaust. This is sometimes accompanied by an unpleasant smell in the cabin when I...
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    Interpreting power curve

    Hi Guys, The way I interpret the curve of my polo below is that I really should be keeping it between 3-4k rpm, I even think that taking it to its 4500 rpm redline might be a good idea too. But when i've had various 'fun' run ins with other cars as I've been driving it, it just seems that my...
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    Polo 1.4Tdi 2005 onwards

    I guess the question is, what should I look out for? Shortly my mileage is going to increase dramatically up until the end of the year (30-40k p/a) and I know I could get myself a big diesel merc or something but I actually want to get a polo because other people need to drive it and I think...
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    Colour fading - prevention?

    I know its not an MB (it wouldn't be, because generally MB paints don't fade), but my mum's honda is shiny red all round except the roof. Its beginning to fade and its quite obvious. Is there any known methods/products out there to prevent this?
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    1995 1.4 Auto Vauxhall Corsa

    I finally bought my mum a new(ish) hatch, the infamous Honda Jazz, and its a fantastic replacement for this Vauxhall Corsa which my dad bought for her back in 2001 with 53k miles on the clock. It currently has 81k miles which may go up slightly because my mum does about 5-10 miles a every 2 days...
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    C230K W202 MANUAL only

    As per the title. I'm finding it very hard to spot this particular car, and I've been to see a few and not been impressed (price/condition ratio was awful). If you can point me in the direction of someone selling one that would be great!
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