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    10 Litres of Mercedes oil 5W30 Low Ash MB229.51

    I'm selling 10 litres of genuine mercedes oil 5w30 low ash SAPS MB229.51 I bought this from Mercedes of Swansea via ebay (can show you screenshot of purchase if required) The box hasnt even been opened yet, this was originally for my w221 cdi but sold the car before I could service it. Yours...
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    Steering Wheel Buttons

    Hi Does anyone know how to change the steering wheel buttons on a 2007 S class? It seems like the spring/clip is broken as I can push the buttons in quite far but they're not doing anything. If I push the buttons hard enough I end up pushing the horn.
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    W221 Rear Air Suspension

    My w221 has decided to raise its backside to the sky and has a really bouncy ride. The yellow airmatic light has come on too. Any idea where the rear levelling sensor is so i can disconnect and try and reset it?
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    slight juddering

    Hi! my w221 is juddering slightly when accelerating at certain speeds sometimes. This is between 25-30mph and 55-65mph. It feels like a wheel bearing but the judder feels like from under the car and is worse when there's a full load. Anyone had this problem?
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    w221 Red Battery Icon

    Every now and then I get a red battery icon come up on the dash Car is driving fine and no issues. It doesn't appear when driving on the motorway though only in town. Is that an alternator issue?
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    W221 Rust

    My W221 is rusting on the inner rear wheel arches. I thought these cars were no longer rust buckets? Is this a production fault? There's no damage to those areas and it's only the rear inner arches
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    My W221 has developed a loud squeak from the front right wheel. When stationary or driving I can hear the squeak and I can even hear it in the cabin. I've checked the steering fluid and looks ok and there's no tightness in the steering. Just the annoying noise Any ideas?
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    w203 270 cdi won't start

    I recently changed the door passenger actuator on c270 cdi and now the car wont start. It doesn't crank but ignition switches on. I've checked the battery and it is fine. Changing the actuator meant taking out the door airbag, could this be the issue as the srs light is now showing on the...
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    Accident driving a car with third party insurance

    My wife was driving my mothers car (she has fully comp therefore allowing her to drive any other car) and she was cut up by a BMW from the middle lane into the first hitting her car in the process. The police were called and the highways agency attended the scene. Luckily there were no injuries...
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    w221 driver window stopped working

    my drivers window is stuck open! I was driving and put the window down a little bit and now it won't go back up. all the other windows work fine as does everything else.
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    Please explain HOW
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    W221 Brakes

    I want to do a brake pad change on my W221. On the front how can I push the piston back? I have a C clamp would that be sufficient? Also as the rears are electric operated would it be more hassle than it's worth and take it to a garage?
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    w221 side skirt

    Can someone help me with how to put the skirt back in place? I have no idea how this has happened and pushing down on this makes no difference. It's supposed to sit flush and flat.
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    Garage with Autologic rather than STAR

    Is the autologic diagnostic system as good as STAR? I am having suspension issues with my W221. I am getting an error on the dash for the airmatic and the ride stiffens and goes really bumpy. I can raise and lower the car fine and when I switch the engine off the error disappears but...
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    Wayne Gates - Harrow

    My S class broke down on Saturday evening on the m25 due to an electrical failure and I needed someone who could pin point the fault without having to spend ££££££ on changing parts as most mechanics do. Terry found the fault and fixed it with no hassle whatsoever. Great service once...
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    w221 L rear seat switch

    Can someone advise me on fault finding please? My NS rear seat adjusts electrically and goes in all directions except for putting the base down. It goes back and forth and goes up but wont go back down. The other seat works fine however
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    Business People

    Hi Guys, I need some advice please, perhaps this isn't the right forum to go to. I have invented a product and showcased it at the gadget show live. Everyone loved it and were asking when it would be available. Now at the moment I am at the prototype stage and would like to get...
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    Yesterday took my car to an indy near my work to get a glow plug and starting issue sorted. Car was put on star and diagnosed with glow plug issue. £113 later leaving the garage glow plug light turns back on. Took car back to indy who put on star same glow plug error and advises to...
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    Horrible Scraping Noise

    Hi guys, I have a w221 and every time I start the car and drive whenever I go over a bump I hear a scraping noise from the front end. Once the car reaches 90 degrees and a few miles the noise is no longer there when driving over humps. I'm guessing this is due to some oil or rubber...
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