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    14 Months on.

    14 Months of ownership but it's still not a Mercedes I don't post very much these days but I still lurk in the background once a week or so. I would like to air my views on the BMW 530i that I bought in November 2010. Where to start, well the BMW as a car has no faults with the 3 litre...
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    All with FREE P & P for 1 Week

    I have a list of various items to move before decorating the small study. I will supply pictures and more detail to anyone interested. This is a very diverse list and I am open to all sensible offers. I will leave thm on here before the dreaded E-Bay. All the items are in good used condition no...
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    OLD MOT@s How to get copies

    As per the title does anyone know?
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    Car mats w211 car mats

    GENUINE MERCEDES Brand new still sealed Anthracite / Charcoal / Black Full st 2 front and 2 rear. £40.00 Collected £45.00 Posted. Dealer price is about £80.00
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    E 220 Cdi W or S 211 177 BHP Re-map

    Have any of our members had the above car re-mapped? If so what are your findings. Reason for asking all the re-map talk is usually mentioned with the larger capacity engines and I am just curious.
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    W211 E 270 AVANTGARDE CDi 53 Plate

    Well I think that time has come for a change. Nov 2003 Tealite Blue Very good all round Just serviced last week at MB&B Mercedes Specialists (Cheltenham) 107,400 miles Command with 2009 2010 Disk Phone Prep and PHONE AVAILABLE 17" Alloys NO Kerbing at all Through Load (Fold Flat rear 60 40...
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    This always happens to me !!!!

    As some of you might remenber I have been half hartedly looking for another E 211 since about January and until now nothing was right for me, wrong spec wrong price wrong cost to change you know what I mean. So about 3 weeks ago I had settled on a 535d BMW when I phoned the dealer it was sold...
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    NON MB Items may be of use to you

    Ladies and Gents, I have never done this before so be gentle. The wife wants me to decorate but to move furiture around whilst working in other rooms requires space so I have lots of items to shift. This is the first lot: ARAI STG 003 Electric guitare good used condition, £40 Collected £50.00...
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    Possible move to the dark side !!!!!

    Yesterday I went to view an 05 E 320 CDi Estate advertised as mint needless to say it was not and I was very dissapointed. So today I went to look at a mint BMW 335 M Sport Mint and it was, so like a mug I took it for a test drive and what adrive it was very impressed. Over the next few days or...
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    What would you describe as :::

    IMMACULATE?? I have just been to see a 320 CDI Estate great advert great list of extras great photos from a distance great write up. Blah Blah Blah. Immediate requiremants, Two rear tyres on wear bars, Bluettoth Module missing, Supposedly serviced 400 miles ago BUT the next service is due in...
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    I have to share this

    As some of you may remember early in the year I was looking for a lete model E211 with all the goodies as I do not like the E212 and its not growing on me. Well yesterday afternoon I came across a couple of 57 and 08 cars that fittet the bill, so being upto the task of using e-mail I contacted...
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    Looking again alloys 18" to fit e 211

    Now that summer is well and truly here I am on the lookout for a set of 18" Alloys to fit on my E 211 salloon 2002 - 2006. I would prefer a multi spoke type AMG or MB BUT will consider any genuine items, tyres are not an issue either way. Not interested in any needing a refurb as in the...
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    Clk rag top what to erxpect

    Having given up 2 wheels I fancy a rag top for a second car. A good bike would cost me £8000.00 or so so for that money what should I expect. Petrol Auto a must as the E 270 CDi is the daily driver.
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    Still Wanted / Looking for 18" AMG or MB Wheels

    I just thought that I would post again and see what happens. I would like a set of 18" WHEELS for the summer. My preference is a MULTI SPOKE DESIGN BUT That does not have to be set in stone. They must be suitable for a W211 E Class 2002 - 2009. Would prefer with tyres but again not a major...
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    Fuel Consumption test

    I posted last week that I would do this random test over my next trip and here are the results. Trip 1 156 miles 40miles A & B Roads 116 M Way miles Trip MPG 47.1 Av Speed 55 MPH No Stops Trip 2 18 Local B roads 1 Stop half way Trip MPG 35 Av speed 28 Trip 3 182 Miles 81 Miles A & B Roads 3...
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    Volcanic ash

    Its CASH we want from Iceland not bl00dy ash. Has any one had it on there cars? I only noticed because yesterday in the morning I gave the car it's annual Autoglym Extra Shine Thinggy Stuff Treatment went to the Super Market and late P.M. to the driving range so the sun was out and it was only...
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    Weekend Motor car

    I might be in the position to purchase a BMW M5 one of the last E39 series. I have known the car from new and it is a minter one owner full history etc. Now it has been some years since I had high powered petrol cars, would I still enjoy it, 400 ish BHP. Anyone have a similar garage arrangement.
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    Still looking

    I'm still looking for a set of MB or AMG 18" Wheels to fit W211 E Class. Any Offers.
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    How long does it take you to CLEAN your car

    AS the title says really. I'm not an avid cleaner like it has to be done every what vere day but having a clean car makes mr feel good for some reason. In the winter I use a local garage with the foam brush and rinse just to keep the muck off. When the weather is acceptable I do mine with the...
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    Triumph Tiger Dec 2006 one of the last 955i

    This bike is MINT and its got to go. It has loads of extras and I have some photos, and can take any others that you would be interested in. £4000.00 as it stands, with all the extras and Spares.Booked in on Monday for its first MOT and then I will put 6 months tax on it. Anyone genuinely...
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