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    Alloy wheel smart repair experience

    Hi, One of my other cars has a slight chip on the paint on one alloy wheel. I don’t really want to do a major refurb on it and was wondering what success anyone has had with an alloy Smart Repair. If there is anyone recommeded in the Surrey area that would be good. THanks DB1
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    SL55 AMG - Light restoration

    Hi, I have an SL55 which I have had for 18 years. 80k miles. It is looking a bit tired now and I would ideally like to refresh it. Is there anywhere around Guildford in Surrey that is recommended to do this. Ideally a company which understands a bit about the SL rather than a generic one would...
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    Cleaning brake dust - Black AMG wheels

    Hi, What is the recommended product for cleaning the black AMG wheels from brake dust? I have read that some of the products are very acidic and can damage the wheels. Any recommendations welcomed.. Thanks DB1
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    Rattles in R231 SL AMG

    Hi All, Just thought I would post some of my findings as it may be helpful to any other SL owners. I recently got an 2016 SL63 having had a 2002 SL55 before. My SL55 which I have owned for many years had no rattles once I had diagnosed the early creaks as needing some rubber lubricant. The ride...
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    Repair of door edge

    Hi, I have some scratches on the edge of my door from opening it into a garage wall. Its v small but unsightly. Are there any mobile repairers that anyone would recommend in the Weybridge / Cobham area? I would prefer a recommendation if possible. Many thanks DB1
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    Airconditioning Check

    Hi, Has anyone had a mobile airconditioning regas/check? Are they as effective as taking it to a garage? Has anyone had any good experiences from anyone in the Guildford Surrey area? thanks in advance DB1
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    Excited with SL63 AMG

    Hi, I have just taken delivery of a 2016 SL63 AMG, Facelift, Silver, Nightpack, Drivers Pack and Carbon Interior. Keen to find other SL63 owners to share experiences. One of the first is compared to my older SL55 the steering is very different. Needs a bit of getting used to. Reading some info...
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    2016 SL63 - Buying advice

    Hi, I am looking at a 2016 SL63 2016 model. Are there any known issues with this model? Also are there any differences between a 2016 model (Facelift) and the 2019 models? Any advice welcomed. Many thanks DB1
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    Sl63 centre lock black wheels

    Hi, I am considering an SL63 which has the satin black centre lock wheels. There are a few scuffs on the near side wheels. Can these be refurbed? They have the AMG logo on the rim which might make it more difficult. Are the regular tyre companies able to torque the wheels correctly or would...
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    Trying to find 18inch alloy for SL55 AMG

    Hi, Due to pothole damage I need to replace a rear wheel on my original SL55AMG. I have tried MB - they don't do them anymore. Have tried eBay, but the ones available are either in a whole set or not in great condition. I am not comfortable refurbishing it and would rather find a new or nearly...
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    Anyone know this SL63 - GV13NFT

    Hi, Been thinking about a nice GT upgrade for a while. Does anyone know this car at MB Waltham Cross? Seems a nice spec. Are there any things to worry about with this model? Many thanks DB1
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    Engine compartment tidy up

    Hi, I have an SL55 and I noticed that there are a few areas of what looks like surface rust on the body inside the engine compartment. Also one of the brackets holding a tank has rusted. This could be replace I think. Also the top covers seem to have some surface corrosion and don't look as...
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    C63 Edition 125 impressions

    Hi, I see lots of C63s around these days and they look great in my opinion. In addition there seem to be a lot doing track days and the owners seem impressed with them. I have a few questions? 1. Is the Edition 125 worth it? I have seen mixed opinions. 2. How does the PP edition drive - I...
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    W220 Door vent cover

    Hi, A few days ago when I got out of the car something on my jacket must have got caught in the door vent cover on the drivers door pillar and as I stepped out it pulled it right out of the housing. Unfortunately the vent cover is split in two and the screw that holds it in place in the door...
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    Marantz CD50 and MS20i speakers £100 for both

    Hi, I have both of the above items that are up for sale. The speakers include stands. PM me if interested. Ideally would be to collect near Guildford area, happy to answer any questions. Thanks DB1
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    Maytag American Style Fridge Freezer

    Maytag American Side by Side Fridge Freezer for sale, white. Surplus to requirements. £500 ono, buyer collects (near Guildford, Surrey) or delivery at buyers expense. PM me for further details. DB1
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    Thoughts on BMW M5

    As a longstanding MB customer with 2 MBs (S500 and SL55) I am very tempted by the new M5. The road tests that have been done so far seem positive. What is the general opinion, why would you buy an E63 over an M5 today? If you look at the comparisons: 1. Engine 2. Gearbox 3...
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    W220 S500 fuel consumption

    Wonder what other W220 S500's get on a motorway cruise. I am getting around 28mpg with cruise control (Distronic actually) on. Car is 11 years old but has been well maintained. I think that is pretty reasonable. Is this good, bad or average?
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    W220 rear window winder not working

    Hi, I have a W220 S-class and I just noticed the rear window is not working. As I rarely use it it may have been that way for a while. I suspect it may have been damaged when the window was operated during a frost which froze the window shut. The motor is still OK, and I can hear it working...
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    SS Motors Weybridge Surrey

    Hi, Just a quick post to recommend the guys at SS motors who went out of their way to be helpful in the repair of my washer bottle leak and whose prices were very competitive. Carlo looked after my car - a really nice guy who seems to know his stuff. I found them from another...
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