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    s320 cdi w220 limp mode

    symptoms sound similar to my Intake Port Shutoff Motor problem albeit on a C320 CDI, which was resolved by Waybe Gates MB at Harrow. did you get a fault code?
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    C320 CDi single turbo / bi-turbo ?

    I presume my S204 C320 CDi is equipped with a single turbo as standard. was this ever offered as a twin turbo variant, as BMW did with the 335d over the 330d?
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    S204 Steering Wheel upgrade options?

    My C320 CDi has a standard rather nasty plastic steering wheel, with the paddles what are the options to upgrade to a similar leather item, but not looking to pay £800 for a c63 item. anyone else done this, with photos if possible thanks in advance.
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    S204 Headlight and Parking light bulb recommendions

    thanks for the replies, I will get some ordered.
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    C350 cdi Brabus D6s performance upgrade

    I was surprised to see how many of the d6 brabus upgrade kits turn up second hand on the likes of ebay
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    S204 Headlight and Parking light bulb recommendions

    My Main beam headlight bulbs are quite poor in my experience so far, therefore can anyone recommend a good upgrade/alternative? Also parking light bulb out at front, so looking to upgrade/replace also. would rather buy them all together if possible, any good deals/or forum member discounts...
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    C350 cdi Brabus D6s performance upgrade

    understood but with a massive price differential, and still not convinced a one size fits all tuning box is superior to a good bespoke remap. branding is of course a personal choice. i had a number of AC Schnitzer mods on my previous BMW 335d including suspension, and discovered that some were...
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    W211 320 CDi Angel Tuning Remap

    i have heard of them , although there are numerous remapping companies out there. do your research, as i am currently doing for my c320 cdi. i will report back any findings.
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    Mercedes Benz - Cool Brand

    Mercedes has climbed to 11th in the cool brand list, with Aston Martin the only other automotive manufacturer in the top 20. Mercedes Benz climbs the ‘CoolBrands®’ list
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    C63 has arrived!

    looks great, congratulations.
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    C350 cdi Brabus D6s performance upgrade

    forgive me if im wrong but isnt a remap a far more cost effective and (if done properly) bespoke method of achieving specifically tailored power and/or economy gains than by fitting a generic one size fits all plug and play tuning box?
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    Wayne Gates Harrow

    happy to recommend also, following fix of my IPS Motor fault. was provided with a response to my forum post, quickly booked in and fixed, courtesy car etc. old fashioned good customer service.
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    W/S204 EML Light, Limp Mode and Error Code P2015

    :thumb: Resolved following a visit to WG-MB, with the IPS Motor replaced Many thanks to Terry and his team, for the prompt reply and problem resolution. Happy to recommend them to forum members.
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    Error code P2080

    mentioned on another forum, transmission codes rather than engine codes apparently. Transmission Error Visit Workshop - Forums
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    W/S204 EML Light, Limp Mode and Error Code P2015

    Due to the overwhelming response, booked in with WG-MB. local independant didnt even bother to call back, so prefer to take my business to someone who showed an interest, despite being further away.
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    W/S204 EML Light, Limp Mode and Error Code P2015

    Hello all, A week into ownership of my S204 C320 CDI i have run into problems with the EML light on, and the car reverting to limp mode. Car was attended by breakdown organisation this morning, and Error Code P2015 identified, which appears to point towards Intake Manifold Runner Position...
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    Rear Diffuser options for 2008 C320 CDI sport

    i have e-mailed the carllson stockist to check s204 compatibility.
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    Poll - Do you use winter tyres?

    never used them although with in laws in Poland its now a real consideration.
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    W204 Grill - Puzzled!

    ok thanks i will keep an eye out for an update, although i suspect it wont be available for a 2008 pre facelift model.
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    W204 Grill - Puzzled!

    is this available separately or does it only come with the handling pack?
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