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    Solar roof panels advice

    Just got a new home and am considering solar panels. I have a roof which is south east facing, so it this good? Are there any schemes being offered at the moment? And is it really worth it? Would love some advice from someone who's done it already.. I have a detached 4 bed home .. Any...
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    H7 replacement bulb recomendations

    Can u guys recommend a replacement h7 bulb. Which brand is best?? For my w204
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    ADT home alarm help...

    Hi all.. I've recently moved in to a property with an adt alarm with a key fob. I have the alarm code and understand previous owners had the full contract with adt. I don't want to pay the monthly maintenance fee to adt and just wish to use this as a normal alarm, no police cal out etc...
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    Best sim only deals

    What the best sim only deal for under £15
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    Nilfisk C120 x-tra OR Qualcast 1800w

    Nilfisk C120 x-tra at maplin for £79.99 OR Qualcast 1800w at argos for £74.99 Anyone own these brands? Any honest review please? Thanks
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    Washing Car with Pressure Washer & Waterbutt

    Hi can anyone recommend a budget pressure washer to use in conjunction with a water butt? I have a 240l Waterbutt and want to make good use. Will the water leave marks on my car or is rainwater better than the tap water (note we get hard water here) Also any recommendation for snow foam liquids?
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    W203 dpf replacement

    Hi all - so I have a dpf issue on my 55 plate w203 c220cdi putting it in to limp mode The garage have suggested replacing the dpf sensor however cannot guarantee this will cure the issue. I'm gonna try this anyway as it came up on the STAR diagnostic. However it also said the dpf was too full...
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    Sky box or freesat

    Is there a way of using a sky + box as a freesat WITH recording function box without paying subscription? Or can anyone recommend an alternative freesat box?
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    Landlord insurance

    Any recommendations for a landlord insurer for buildings cover?
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    Engine light on. Loss of power

    Hi the engine light has come on and also have loss of power to car when flooring it. Could this be a DPF issue, or should there be another warning light specifically for DPF. It's a 2005 c220 cdi coupe. (Not sure if it has a DPF) It's previously has a turbo hose replaced by previous owner...
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    Talk talk fibre - medium or large

    Hi I'm currently on a non fibre virgin media line. Switching to a fibre line in my new home. Would it be worth going for the large option for extra £5 a month or is it money in the pan?
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    Paint advice..Please..

    We are repaint the house in white throughout and would like some advice on paint brands and types. We were thinking Dulux Soft Sheen for walls and ceilings. Is this any good? Or alternatives? What's best for timber skirting, doors and architraves. I don't like the high shine but need something...
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    Clicking/clunky sound when turning at low speed

    Hi all, I am experiencing a clicking/clunky sort if sound when turning at low speeds, parking or making u turns. It's not loud, but it's there! Car is 220 cdi w204 Any ideas before i get it booked in.
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    Dealer number plates..

    Hi what is your local merc dealer charging for a set of replacement plates?
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    Numberplate Reversing Sensors

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a number plate surround which has parking sensors on built. A colleague not on the forum, has a w203 with no rear sensors and was considering this option rather than drilling in to the bumpers. Also how difficult is it to wire up to the reverse lights on this...
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    Registration Transfer

    Car Reg change advice.. Hi I have a private reg on my current car and have just bought a new car from a mate. I wish to transfer the reg and register the car in my name in one go. Is this possible if I send the following all together: -Current car V5 -New car full V5 signed with new keeper...
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    C Class Coupe - any issues?

    Looking to purchase a 55/56 plate C class coupe auto as a second car and will most likely be a petrol.. Which engine is better c160 or c180 Any know issues with the model Real life town mpg figures What to look out for on these models Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
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    Dividend rate 2015/16

    Hi all What is the dividend amount for 2015/16 before additional tax is to be paid? Also the personal allowance for these years? Thanks
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    Hpi free driveaway insurance

    Hi all I've heard of people doing hpi's and getting free driveway insurance in the past with rac.. But can't see this on their site.. Does anyone know which company is offering the service. And does it apply to private purchases or is it just when buying from a trader? Many thanks
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    225 40 18 tyres

    Time for a set of fronts for the w204. Any recommendations please?? Something decent under £90 per tyre would be what I'm looking for. Seen Goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric at Camskill for £83. Not sure how they perform on the merc though... Cheers in advance
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