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  1. Marku

    Vito single front seat swap

    In theory yes but they would be the wrong way round. The adjustments and arm rests. Also a problem if they have airbags.
  2. Marku

    Hi I have sl350 1972 with d-jetronic

    No don't have a number for Mr Injector but is online. Got a repair kit for mine but does repair and supply refurbished but as you might have discovered they are not cheap particularly when needing 8.
  3. Marku

    w639 wheels

    Had a Viano with 19" wheels. You would have thought it would have been a hard ride but it was really good. Problem with changing tyres on the Vito is the load rating and could also invalidate insurance. You would have to tell them.
  4. Marku

    Hi I have sl350 1972 with d-jetronic

    Mr Injector will repair or replace and Bosch republished the D-jet manual. It was available through the classic store. The UK Mercedes-Benz Club has a good problem solving guide originally published by MB.
  5. Marku

    Home paint spraying

    Use cellulose as that is what is on it and anything else could have a reaction. Solid colours don't need a clear coat. Give the Mercedes paint number to Autopaints Brighton who I use who will mix it and supply everything else you will need. A reasonable spray gun is necessary but cellulose is...
  6. Marku

    Command screen black/not working

    Had something similar happen. After some searching found this. Pull all fuses associated with unit. Turn on ignition for 15 seconds. Replace fuses and turn on. Supposed to force a software reset. Don't if it will solve your problem but it did mine.
  7. Marku

    Vito W369 Replacing radio issues

    The radio is supposed work with the ignition off but time out. The ignition will switch the radio on and off. Least that's how the Viano works. Will the ignition switch the radio off? If not then that connection is your problem.
  8. Marku

    Question about Mercedes Vito W639 normal oil consumption

    Really don't know. Our Viano has done 72K and I have never put oil in between servicing. Have occasionally checked if a long run was due but never needed to add any.
  9. Marku

    Vito alloys

    Think that is what they were on the Viano but think you will have problems with the load rating on that profile. Most likely would invalidate your insurance. I was surprised with the Viano as I was prepared for a very hard ride but it was fine. MB did state though that it had a "tuned"...
  10. Marku

    Mercedes Leicester

    Some time since used Leicester. Was really impressed with the staff at first but then they all changed and seemed different every time. Also were fine when the Viano was new but seemed to lose interest the longer we kept it. Had some problems under warranty and had to really pressure them even...
  11. Marku

    Hub cap

    Is it actually a hub cap? Not a garage sign?
  12. Marku

    Vito Alloy Wheels

    There were 19" rims in the Viano range. The question is though the weight rating. If not correct would invalidate your insurance.
  13. Marku

    Vito W639 Newbie many electrical issues.

    The fuse layout is confusing but it comes with study. Best to use the numbered key. All in the manual you should be able to pick one up which also covers the other fuse layouts. The alarm horn is behind the bumper and quite low. Had to get ours re-sited as to get to our place is through a ford...
  14. Marku

    Werid 2009 vito head unit problem

    But you can switch it on with the ignition off. Meaning that their should always be a live feed. I am guessing as I am far from expert but it seems logical.
  15. Marku

    Werid 2009 vito head unit problem

    Would seem not and that you have interrupted the feed to the cluster. The cigar lighter is always live so getting the right feed should not be a problem except having to remember to turn the radio off. What was wrong with the feed to the previous radio?
  16. Marku

    Mercedes Service or Garage?

    Our Viano has always been serviced from new by a Mercedes dealer. This time it is going to a local of a national tyre chain. The reason being the dealer is a 60 mile round trip and needs a loan car. Dealer tells me because of the virus there are not loaning cars so really there is no choice...
  17. Marku

    Viano suspension

    Sure? The travel of the air suspension is limited the manual control only adjusts 50mm. Just a thought.
  18. Marku

    Front disc change

    Not done an A Class but did do our Viano. No special tools are needed and it proved much easier than anticipated. Did need a torx bit for the locking bolt on the disc but that was it really just normal tools.
  19. Marku

    Viano suspension

    Isn't that going to upset the air suspension? It has enough trouble levelling itself as it is and there is only a couple of inches between the tyre and the wheel arch which it was just fouling with the broken springs.
  20. Marku

    Black bits on paintwork struggling to remove

    You can use white spirit although I recently saw someone using WD40 which did it very well.
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