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    I always thought he was normal.

    What an unpleasant thread. Probably not what the OP intended.
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    Transferring saved programs from sky box

    Recording it on to another device in real time is the only reliable way I found when I was trying to solve this problem a couple of years ago. I used a spare PVR. If it is just the one programme you're really interested in have you looked to see if its available to buy and keep anywhere (BBC...
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    Do dealerships give gifts?

    I didn't get anything, not even floor mats, when I bought my new 212. It was a very good deal, done over the phone via a third party at long distance so I wouldn't have expected anything. I got a pile of odds and sods with the Discovery, USB key drive (convincing enough at a quick glance for...
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    Its started !!!!!

    That's not an E-class, it's a W204 C I think. Might help when you're talking to plod. It seems weird they'd nick a plate from a) the wrong sort of car when so many c-class on the road and b) a memorable plate rather than an anonymous XXNNXXX one. Good luck getting it sorted.
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    Members Map Pin

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    500SEC...a persuasive and rational advert

    "robot seat belt fenders":D
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    Anyone been done speeding Today

    It's 101MPH on motorway (assuming 70MPH limit), i.e more than 30 MPH over and 51MPH in a 30 zone. At this point guidance is that the max fine can be 150% of total weekly income. Earn 50k? That'll be £1500 please.
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    Another Merc theft story

    No, the "laptop in the satchel" is actually some kind of repeater which amplifies the signal from the keys which are inside the house. Hence the holding it up against the wall routine. The blocking pouch stops the signal 'escaping,' thus protecting the car.
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    Soon to be C350 Owner

    Knighterrant has one
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    AMG GT R on Topgear tonight

    He did, about a dozen years ago, presumably when they settled on going back to James May. He wasn't quite an unknown as he'd been writing for Autocar for years. You're right, he didn't get it.
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    Soon to be C350 Owner

    Apart from the ones with the 306BHP petrol engines. Nice car in any case.
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    Wifes new whip! lol w168

    That looks like a cracking buy. Good luck with it.
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    A bit of a learning curve

    You're not wrong about the difference between the SL and the 6-series, I just had a look at contract hire and leasing and can't see anything under £1k/month. I suspect that there's not a big market so these are just deals based on list price rather than on actual cars or historical deals. Have...
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    2010 S212 - "ILS not configured for RHD"?

    Should've turned the lights on
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    Road bikes.

    I drive that most mornings. If I see a fifty-odd year old bloke pushing a spanking new bike over the next couple of weeks we can sling your bike in the back and I'll give you a lift. I could even drop you off for a restorative fry-up.
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    That's a W plate which was '80/81. It does seem late for the car. Granada was well into Mark II by then
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    The name on the back looks too long for "Consul", is it not badged as a Granada? There's one in a fetching beige colour in this thread on PH
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    Line of Duty --- tonight.

    It might be worth having a go at suspending your disbelief and giving it a go. Good storylines and well acted, I can't wait.
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    Sun Roof - Help!!

    150K Range Rovers do it as well
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    Which cars make you smile?

    Almost anything old and well looked after makes me grin, I saw a 1960's Morris Minor convertible yesterday. It must be hateful to drive in London traffic but you can't help but smile. Young guy driving it as well, so even more kudos to him for doing something different.
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