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  1. BlackC55

    looking to buy MB E55 AMG

    Mine will be up for sale soon....
  2. BlackC55

    CLK 722.6 Gearbox issues

    Its the wrong gearbox. It needs to be exactly the same number. Been there and got the T shirt. NOT one single second hand gearbox that I've been supplied in 22 years has worked when I have fitted it.
  3. BlackC55

    Start/Stop Linked to Timing Chain?

    Why don't you get the timing checked. Saves any guesswork then. If its out then it needs doing. I think the thoughts about the stop/start causing more chain wear argument is false.
  4. BlackC55

    SL 500 1995 fuel problems

    Check for air leaks too. Id be taking the caps off to have a look as well.
  5. BlackC55

    Correct battery for 209 CLK220 CDI

    We alwayw fit genuine batteries. They Last longer, they seem to eliminate some electrical gremlins and they fit well. I replace them often and some have been 10+ years old. On a CL the other day one was 15 years old!!
  6. BlackC55

    Bentley GTC V8S

    Very Nice Peter. Looks stunning.
  7. BlackC55

    2000 CLK 320 does it have a diagnostics port if so where is it located

    You need some different software. The adapters rarely work properly and if they do they dont necessarily pull all the codes. You need a Star or a garage with one to go any further.
  8. BlackC55

    Oil change after 3K miles ???

    Long life servicing is not good in our experience. There is a VAG specilaist near us that sees regular engine failure and serious wear on cams etc and he put it down to th elong service intervals. For the small cost an oil and filter is going to be, i'd just do it.
  9. BlackC55

    Effing Volvo DPF problems

    I have heard of it done here too. (I have never done this btw)
  10. BlackC55

    A209 CLK320 2003 Parts Lists

    If you need parts, your local mb dealer will look them up for you and they will have the latest part number as they do sometimes change.
  11. BlackC55


    I use Torsion Spray by Metaflux. Its seriously expensive at £14/can but its very very good. Especially if you have time to let it penetrate. We use WD40 for cleaning, thats all its good for imo.
  12. BlackC55

    Damage to edge of tyre - replace?

    If you can see the cord in the cut replace it, if not then its ok. Thats the MOT rules.
  13. BlackC55

    W204 2011 service

    Why disable the stop start?
  14. BlackC55

    CL63 vibration through footwell

    It needs investigating first I think. Does it change when the ABC up button is pressed?
  15. BlackC55

    Cleaning The Engine.

    I just love a good coating of silicone in an engine bay......:eek: When you are working on them it makes life difficult holding on to your tools.:p
  16. BlackC55

    Tell me about W213/S213

    So far the 212 has proved a better car than a 213. The late 212's are great. I am not convinced of the build quality of the 213's or 205's just yet.
  17. BlackC55

    Head Gasket repairs Additive!!

    Those sealants are a pain. I'd avoid them as much as you can. The blockages i have seen all over the cooling system on MB's caused by this stuff is shocking. Look at the heater matrix......
  18. BlackC55

    abs parts

    If you replace the wheel speed sensor make sure its a genuine MB part. Aftermarket sensors are usually crap. Have you wheel speed sensor codes?
  19. BlackC55

    C350 exhaust smell with foot down and sunroof open

    It could be from the exhaust housing of the turbo and/or a snapped bolt on the turbo manifold. The snapped bolts are very common.
  20. BlackC55

    GardX 2019

    Its usually a sales gimmick. Money for old rope pushed by salesman to up the commission.
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