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  1. christopherwk

    Service A for Leased Car

    There's a charge of about £1,000 or so, if you don't keep to the full service history at a main dealer, obviously has to be done in time. £374 is about right, it's what I paid at Brooklands. I'd recommend you pay for this service outright, then take out a servicing plan, ideally for the next 3...
  2. christopherwk

    E Class Fuel Economy - Diesel v Petrol

    Not sure if you can see my Fuelly profile - christopherwk's Profile | Fuelly There's stats on my 2003 E320 CDi, 2007 E320 CDi, 2013 E220 CDi, and my current E220d
  3. christopherwk

    What the 'L' - New E class - seat button

    Keeping takeaways warm?! :p
  4. christopherwk

    Uber has license pulled..

    Uber are not the only company in London to work for, besides, that UberLux driver may not rely solely on Uber for his income. He could be a personal chauffeur, possibly with his own operating licence (which TfL now hasn't renewed!), and own clients, and probably sub-contract from other firms as...
  5. christopherwk

    Playing Politics with London’s Transport System

    This maybe of interest, a map of where TfL licenced private hire drivers live by postcode.
  6. christopherwk

    W213 first service

    Mine had: oil, oil filter, plug, dust filter, adblue and screenwash top-ups.
  7. christopherwk

    Who is in Wimbledon

    I'm fairly local, too. Might see me at Krispy Kreme next door.
  8. christopherwk

    Can I ask your opinion on this E Class?

    If it's been used as a taxi, check the MOT history, as most local authorities insist that the car has an MOT every six months after the first year.
  9. christopherwk

    Merc E class (W213) Service Plan cost.?

    Paid out £367 for the first A service on mine at Mercedes Brooklands. Then took out a service plan on Black Friday, with a discount (£150 over the value of the full length of the plan, so £1332 down to £1182). Therefore, I'd get as planned, 2 B services, and 1 A service. :thumb:
  10. christopherwk

    Alloy Refurbishment London

    I used Wheel XChange in Hanwell/Ealing. - Home
  11. christopherwk

    Do you brim the tank?

    When your job involves driving 40,000 miles a year, I'm not going to put in £10-£20 worth every time I fill up! :crazy Always to the top for me, when it gets to 1/4 full.
  12. christopherwk

    ends at midnight 27th Nov but only just seen this

    Managed to get the deal. 3 services on my E220d over a year dropped from £111 a month to £98.50! £150 saved :thumb: Perfectly timed as I just had the first minor "A" service. So the next three services, will be 2 majors and a minor.
  13. christopherwk

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Yes, if they have an operator's licence.
  14. christopherwk

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Here's a pic of said W123!
  15. christopherwk

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Interesting, I went to Porto in July this year, and used a combination of both local taxis and Uber (only used Uber from the hotel, where there was wi-fi). Taxi from the airport to Novotel Porto Gaia was around 22 euros, whereas on the way back Uber was 13 Euros. Taxis were generally older...
  16. christopherwk

    Adblue warning question

    On my W213, there's an electronic gauge on the display, where you can see how much AdBlue is in the tank. A message comes up when the range goes below 1,000 miles which disappears when you fill it up. As in the video, I'd top it right up, before taking it in for a service at the dealer. To be...
  17. christopherwk

    Amsterdam hotel recommendation

    Download the "Hotel Tonight" app. You may find a good deal if you willing to take the risk of booking a hotel on the night you're actually going to stay, as the app name suggests. Otherwise you can also book up to a week in advance, for up to 5 nights a stay. You can search for hotels on a map...
  18. christopherwk

    Wheel alignment needed Sussex/Surrey - recomendations?

    Can't think of anything nearer, but if you're around the area, then Denmead Tyre Services, near Waterlooville in Hampshire. Denmead Tyre Services As recommended by PCS, I've been there a few times, has the Hunter alignment system, and a printout is given.
  19. christopherwk

    ECO mode

    Did 136,000 miles in my 2013 E220 CDi. Almost always turned off the ECO, possibly hence never had a problem. Auxiliary battery went at about 100,000 miles, anyway, replaced under warranty.
  20. christopherwk

    End of lease hand back - any recent hands on experience?

    Lease ran out a few weeks ago on my 136,000 mile 2013 E220 CDi. A friend of a friend bought it off Mercedes Benz Finance, by depositing the money into their bank account, and I simply handed the car over. Although I kept it in good condition throughout, nothing major, I was also concerned...
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