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    Tyre Warning Error

    I have this error constantly on. I have checked the pressures and they are fine. How do I get rid of it please? Thanks.
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    Sidelight Bulbs

    I have a 2009 CLC. I have noticed that the previous owner has changed one sidelight bulb so now one is more of a 'yellow' colour to the other. I want to change both so they are matching, what is the most brightest 'white' appearing bulb I could put in please? Thanks.
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    Removal of old adhesive from weights on wheels

    Hi I have had some new tyres fitted, unfortunately where the weights were removed from the wheels a nasty black residue remains. Whats the best way to remove this without scratching the alloys please?
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    Heater Problem

    I have had a problem with my air con on my CLC200 CDI and when checked they said the condenser was faulty. However last night I was driving obviously without air con on as it wasnt working but the air was burning hot coming out almost to an extent that the vents were too hot to touch! The...
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    Damage To Side Panels

    I have a CLC in Obsidian Black. It looks like a shopping trolley has gone down the side of my car. It isn't scratched as such but it looks more like it has 'bruised' the lacquer. How would I deal with this. Do I use some black T-Cut, try polishing it out with wax? Thanks.
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    Squealing Brakes

    I have just fitted rear discs and pads on my 209 CLC. They have started to squeal like buggery. Is it because they are new, will the squeal go away? Can I just change the pads to another make?
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    Phone Cradle

    Could someone please recommend a cradle to put my phone in please. I have a CLC 2009 and a Galaxy S7 phone, is there one that attaches to the centre console, on the dash, on the windscreen? If someone could recommend one they have or have used I would be grateful as I dont want it to look tacky...
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    Aftermarket Sat Nav Unit

    Has anyone had any experience with aftermarket sat nav units like the attached link? Any problems with them, will all the steering wheel functions still work with it etc.? Thanks. 7?Android 6.0 Car Stereo GPS Sat Nav DAB+Mercedes Benz C/CLC/CLK Class W203 W209 | eBay
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    Convenience Window Opening Doesn't Work

    The Convenience Window Opening on my CLC does not work. I believe you have to unlock the car with the key and then select the same button on the key to lower the windows. Is this something that is standard or needs enabling? If its standard why won't they open!!?? Thanks.
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    Air Con need re gassing?

    The air con my 2009 CLC200 is not icy cold as I would expect. How do I know if it needs re gassing? I don't want to payout for this if its something else. There is also a slight smell, although I have smelt much worse on other cars whilst air con is running.
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    Glowplug Light Stays On For A While

    I have a 2009 CLC200. I have no problems starting however the glow plug stays on for about 30 seconds whilst driving then goes out. Whats does this mean, faulty glow plug(s)? Thanks.
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    Automatic Folding Door Mirrors On Close

    I have a 2009 CLC. The door mirrors do not fold in automatically when the car is locked. Does this mean my car does not have this feature or it needs enabling? I looked in the manual and it couldn't be done using the On-board computer. I'm guessing because of this mine is not able to? Thanks.
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    Sidelight Bulb Change

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. I have a sidelight bulb that has gone and I was wondering what bulb it is and how easy it is to change. There seems to be 2 sidelight bulbs and the one that has gone is the one circled yellow. It may be called a parking light bulb. Has anyone got a video or instructions...
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    Syncing Spare Key

    Recently purchased a 2010 CLC200. The spare key does not work so I have replaced the battery. I've seen in a couple of places you put the key in the ignition, turn to position 2 and so on... Trouble is the key won't turn because it does not seem programmed/synced to the car. What can I do...
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    Service Records

    I've just bought a second hand CLC200. Some of the service records appear to be missing. Is it possible to find out or obtain the missing ones from Mercedes? Do they keep records of all services they have done?
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    Connecting Phone Via Bluetooth on 2009 CLC

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. How do I connect my phone to the car!? It says 'tel bluetooth ready' but I can't seem to figure out what to do after that. The manual doesn't seem to say either. Thanks.
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