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    Mercedes extended warranty

    Can anyone please confirm if the previous Tier 1, 2 and 3 warranty cover options now been replaced by just a single cover?
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    E220d and E350d

    I'm considering updating my E Class cab. to the facelift model. I note the 2016/17 ones are badged E220d, E250d or E350d as against E220 Blue TEC etc. Is there any real difference between the two, or is it MB just being frugal with their boot lid badges. It seems the later ones have the small...
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    Wheeler Dealers

    For those interested, the new series of Wheeler Dealers with new mechanic Ant Anstead, starts this Thursday at 8.00pm on the Discovery Channel. The first one features a 1995 Escort RS Cosworth. RIP Edd China!
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    spring loaded chrome ovals

    Could someone please let me know what the split spring loaded chrome ovals on the flat deck of my E Class Cabriolet are there for? Its surprising how many people ask me!!
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    MB Exeter

    I've always had good service at MB Exeter over the years. Always polite and efficient with young service manager Matt Squires. Had my E 350cdi serviced, MOT and ATS carried out recently. No charge, as fortunately, car came with 2 free services. Rang me re slight uneven front tyre wear and...
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    Extended used car warranty

    The Approved Used MB warranty for my late 2011 E class cabriolet, E350 Cdi Sport expires in a months time. Mileage 41,000. I have just been quoted for a Tier 1 extended warranty with no excess of £667. I had already dismissed extending the warranty as I was led to believe it would be far more...
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    CLK sill plates

    The ally sill plate inserts on my CLK 209 are scuffed. I've tried metal polish but to no avail. Any ideas/products I could try? Is it easy to take them out and replace? Thanks in advanced.
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    CLK rear heater vents

    Cannot get any hot air out of the two rear heater vents on my CLK (209) Have I got to set the heater control in a certain way, or are they pretty useless as my old A4 was?
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    After 7 years of Audi A4 ownership (all good), I am the new proud owner of a 2008 CLK200k Avantgarde with sport line package, purchased from a main dealer at a deal far better than a lot of non franchised dealers. The colour is Tansanite Blue with beige leather, which looks superb to me even...
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    CLK 320 CDi. Iolite Blue

    I'm interested in buying a very nice 2007 CLK 320 CDi Elegance in Iolite Blue (with Orient Beige leather) I've read that this was a special order colour. Can anyone confirm this. or otherwise?
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