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    Wilding Motors Paignton - anyone used them?

    You could always try Wildings on Totnes Road as mentioned in the previous posts, but Coverdales over at Decoy, Newton Abbot have an excellent reputation as a long standing Mercedes Independent.
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    Sinclair Mercedes Cardiff - AVOID AT ALL COSTS

    Wouldn't it be interesting to get the Sinclair Mercedes Cardiff side of this story. Whilst I am not doubting the OP's version, I have often found there can be three sides to a story. "Yours, mine and the truth"
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    Mercedes w204 c220 cdi 2012 no communication with all ecu's

    There are times unfortunately, when you have to bite the bullet and take your car to a good Mercedes independent or main dealer to sort out problems. Reading your post, this appears to be one of them.
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    Sinclair Mercedes Cardiff - AVOID AT ALL COSTS

    I bought an E350 cab from them about 4 years ago. It was a nice car but needed two front tyres. As I am fussy with tyres, I confirmed they would be Contis to match. They agreed. When I picked the car up I didn't inspect the tyres as it was pouring down, but when I stopped at a service station...
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    Hi, newbie here 👋

    I've owned both in the cabriolet version. The 350 cdi is obviously the smoother engine as it's a V6, but the 250cdi with its twin turbos is fast enough for most, and a bit bit better on MPG and road tax. The other difference, which is not often mentioned, is the smaller 4 cyl. engine is much...
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    Warranty question

    Tier 1, 2 and 3 warranty cover no longer exist. There's now just one cover, and that's virtually as the old Tier 1. A quick call to them will answer any questions you may have, if you cant find the answer on their online policy document.
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    Is Rubellite Red One of The Nicest Reds "In The Wooorld"

    In the flesh it looks nice when suns shining on it, but looks very brown and a bit dull when it isn't
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    7g tronic DIY advice from people who have done it

    This is all well and good but I doubt very much that the every day man or woman would be able to carry out their own work on a Mercedes. Lets face it, a high percentage of people nowadays would struggle to open the bonnet. This is why I say "make sure the talent outweighs the ambition"
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    7g tronic DIY advice from people who have done it

    A friend of mine owns a garage and the number of cars he gets in to sort out the mess enthusiastic DIY'ers have caused is surprising. So my advice would always be to "makes sure the talent far outweighs the enthusiasm"
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    Did I make a mistake ?

    Some dealers (not always MB) will point out to the clear instructions in the handbook which state that the car must be driven at a certain speed, for a certain length of time, and at a certain mileage (usually about every 400, but varies). If this has not been done they may/can put it down to...
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    Did I make a mistake ?

    Are you sure DPF problems are formally covered by the Approved New or MB extended warranties? It could be up to the dealers discretion I'm afraid
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    This is why I hate main dealers!

    Just to balance the discussion, I had my 5 year old E Class cab. in for an A service and ATS yesterday at MB Exeter. No problems whatsoever from booking it in to picking it up, and they even gave me a 50% discount on the MOT. Car on a service plan.
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    Fiat Dino Spyder-Tyrrell's Classic Workshop

    And this one is how they should be, with no Ferrari badges anywhere on the car. The way they were when they left the factory.
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    Why I've never broken down in a Classic Mercedes (in 15 years)

    Good old Land Rover. Bottom of the list yet again! When will they ever produce a car that's not at the bottom of all these types of lists. Terrible. I see Tesla not included on the list. Too few of them yet?
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    Mercedes-Benz Guildford (Sandown Group) - Good Service

    It would be nice if this dealership was somehow made aware of all the excellent comments here. Regardless of who you are, it's always good to know that the service you are giving is appreciated. And coming from a critical forum such as this, even more so.
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    Are any of your former cars still alive?

    My 1981 TR7 convertible, which I bought nearly new, is still going strong. Although it is now black, as against the lovely original colour of Pharaoh Gold. Happy days!
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    Used car expectations

    I agree with my neighbour in sunny Devon that cheap Chinese ditch finder tyres on a prestige, relatively high performance car are a real turn off. Unless the car is old enough to start to fall into the banger market. In that case it's a question of "well what do you expect sir!"
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    Used car expectations

    On a recent thread there was a discussion on whether a car made in 1978 and with 146,000 miles could possibly be advertised by a trader as being in "immaculate condition", as it was. Some, like me , thought it impossible whilst others disagreed. When I've been discussing used cars with main...
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    Bargain W123???

    As a matter of interest I was looking at a 2 month old, 1,500 mile A Class for a friend not that long ago at a main dealer. There was a couple of small stone chips on it, and a very slight mark on an alloy (I mean magnifying glass small!) I thought this was acceptable for such a car, but I...
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