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    Help with some om651 fault codes

    I've been trying to help a friend with a w204 c220cdi solve an engine surging/erratic revs issue and need some help. I've read the codes using a star diagnostic system which has turned up the following: P019315 the rail pressure sensor has a short circuit to positive P026946 teach-in of...
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    S211 rear air spring

    Having replaced both rear air springs with Bilstein, one of them has failed and I've been sent a replacement under warranty. However, it seems the stud underneath the car that locates the top of the air spring appears to have sheared off completely. Anybody else experienced this and have any...
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    W211 side skirts

    Hi, does anybody know if the side skirts on the W211 are the same on the saloon and the estate? Had a bit of a jack stand incident and need to get a replacement for my estate and can only find saloons breaking in the same colour Thanks in advance.
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    w211 e320cdi cutting out

    My om648 car has developed a habit of cutting out when pulling away from traffic lights. In normal driving conditions it's fine, and pulls like normal. The car always restarts straight away. CEL has come on and my OBD2 reader is giving me codes p0251 and p0256 Changed the fuel filter for an...
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    Has anbody used a Foxwell nt415

    I noticed the Foxwell NT415 seems to be able to bleed the brakes on cars with SBC, so I thought I better check whether anybody has any experience with one, and whether it actually works? At the same time, does anybody know whether the icarsoft mbII can do a brake bleed on SBC cars?
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    SBC coding issue?

    My w211 is stuck in Park with 3 malfunctions showing on the display, "Visit workshop, service brake", "ESP defective" and "ABS defective" I can unlock the shifter using the over ride switch and then the car drives fine and the brakes work without any problem. I've changed the brake switch...
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    Loads of w124 parts/alloys

    Now I've sold my s124 I've got a pile of parts I bought and didn't get around to using. I'll post pics for any items people are interested in as requested. 4x AMG monoblocks 17x7.5 et42 these have the proper a124 part numbers. In very good condition. Silver with the diamond cut rims. the...
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    1993 s124 320te

    1993 320TE, Malachite Green, Mushroom Leather, 5 speed Looks awesome from 20 ft away when its soaking wet. Looks a bit S*%t up close when its dry. Decent spec which includes, AC Cruise Control Electric drivers and passenger seats Heated front seats Electric steering wheel adjustment...
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    w211 e320cdi won't move

    My 53 plate w211 (Om648, 722.626) has suddenly refused to move anywhere. Was absolutely fine on Tuesday, no transmission noises, clunks, slipping or any other hints, but Wednesday it moved forward just enough to get out of a parking space then refused to go any further. Engine is running...
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    1x w124 15 hole alloy

    As per the title, I have a single 15 hole alloy wheel for sale. There are no cracks or buckles, and the tyre on it holds air perfectly. It could do with a refurb as it looks a bit ratty, but its serviceable. The tyre is worn on both sides, but has legal tread in the centre. Might still be...
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    W124 Mushroom heated, memory, multi contour driver seat

    Some parts I intended fitting to my car but haven't got around to and need some space back. 1x Drivers seat for w124 saloon or estate. Mushroom leather, heated, memory and multi contour 1x Brand new switch for the multi contour functions (MB part in box) 1x Wiring harness for the memory...
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    w124 200TE with gen 1 bodykit

    Estates with factory body kits are pretty rare, so this might be useful to someone. Mercedes benz w124 e-class 1 lady owner | eBay
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    V cheap w124 febi parts

    Just spotted these and thought they may be useful to others e320/sportline track control arms £18.89 inc delivery Track Control Arm - FEBI BILSTEIN 15694 | eBay Regular w124 track control arms £10.01 inc delivery Track Control Arm - FEBI BILSTEIN 14037 | eBay Complete rear...
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    w124 722.5 has lost 5th gear

    My w124 has lost its 5th gear, and the cruise control has also stopped working (Not bothered by the cruise control, but they may be connected). I've removed the micro switch from the gear shifter and it appears to be working. Continuity tests ok between the 2 pins, and continuity breaks when...
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    Removing fibre glass resin

    My wonderful neighbour has been having a loft conversion done this week, which has involved a section of fibre glass flat roof. This morning I noticed my w124 is liberally coated with spots with what i assume is the resin used with the fibre glass matting. Front and rear screens, bonnet and...
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    Steering wheel dark gray leather/walnut for 124, 140, 129, 210, 202

    Originally from a W140 S600, and was fitted to my w124. It is a genuine MB item. It's dark gray, but doesn't look wildly out of place in leiu of the same wheel in black leather. Comes with matching gray airbag. It will need a contact ring which can be swapped over from your existing wheel. In...
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    w124 memory drivers seat with loom and switch

    This will fit saloons and estates, but not coupes/cabs. It's a full drivers seat, with the memory module, wiring loom, and door switch. All in working order. I can include heated mushroom leather upholstery for it as well if required, though this does have some wear/small hole on the bolster...
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    Brabus Monoblock IV 17x8 et 30 refurbed

    I had these refurbed by "The Wheel Specialist" in October (Powder coated standard MB silver) and then found a set of proper w124 spec AMG wheels so these have sat in boxes ever since. The refurb cost £280, and the receipt will be included. Looking for £350 plus shipping. No tyres or centre...
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    Brabus Monoblock II 17x8 et30

    These have been a listed a few times already. Seems they may go cheaply. Mercedes Monoblock 2, 17 inch Brabus Alloys with good tyres. | eBay
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    w124 memory/multi contour seats

    I've bought a pair of the multi contour seats from ebay (I miss the same function thats on my w140) and will be collecting them on Friday. I know I need the central locking pump, tank, and vacuum lines. Is there anything else I'll need to strip form the donor car? Will the tank be located next...
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