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    Built in single electric oven and electric hob

    After 20 years in the apartment, the time has come to replace an oven and a hob. In spite of calls to the manufacturer's helpline, I am still wondering about the necessary clearance between a single built in electric oven and induction hob. A hob above a drawer with the dividing panel = 10mm per...
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    Amazon Parcels

    In the last 3 days, I have started to receive Amazon parcels (including prime) to my address of 20 years, but they are addressed to someone else. I have checked amazon, paypal, bank credit cards and most of the bank debit cards and no-one has been taking funds from me to pay for this stuff. The...
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    s203 C55 Estate
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    Servicing in East Sussex

    Has anyone used the mobile mercedes service based in Tunbridge Wells (with a garage in Mayfield). I am booked in for a B3 next week to try them out. They called me back within 24 hours when I emailed on Sunday. The gentlemen wanted to double check the mileage (155k)! on my 16 reg petrol car...
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    s205 2016 heater vent

    One vent - connector which opens/closes seems dislodged and will not shut off the air. How so I get the vent open to repair the connection?
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    Electric Truck Problems!

    "Oh My F*cking God": Elon Musk’s Bizarre Cybertruck Unveiling Goes Horribly Wrong
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    E500 Estate

    Mercedes Benz E500 Airmatic, 7-Tronic, Harman Kardon, Sat Nav, FSH, Fully Loaded | eBay Shame, I think it is a Euro 3 car per registered 08sep2005 £325 ved but check to be sure. For cheap money, maybe.
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    First car change in 15 years

    Due to Mrs D's unfortunate s124 "experience", Mr Khan's ULEZ, and Brexit created buying opportunities, I have taken the plunge and purchased a newer car... an ex lease 2016 s205 c200se petrol with Garmin Satnav. It was owned by a Roadchef manager or director (per the accounting fixed asset...
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    Following my wife's incident last November, there have been developments which illustrate the weasel way these companies work. I have spent almost the whole day trying to sort this out. Bear with me, as it was instructive for me. Last November the wife had an accident in the E300d BUT because...
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    M271 Timing Chain

    Out of interest, what mileage are m271 owners currently on. Given that it will have to be done at some point, at which mileage did you get yours done? And did the Engine Management Light come on first? I live in town and a euro 6 diesel doesn't appeal with lots of short journeys, as well as...
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    emergency key holder w202

    My emergency key holder - a thin bit of black plastic into which the manual key fits has broken. It is now superglued and rubber banded to glue overnight. I can't see anything online to replace it. Note this is not a full electronic key fob (which also has an emergency key it it). The broken...
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    Sad News

    My trusty 260k mile w124 e300d estate was involved in an RTA. I have taken MBE300D off the vehicle and may decide to part with this number if anyone is interested. The car is likely to be written off and scrapped which is a shame because the engine and gearbox are fine. Someone who was passing...
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    M271 Engine

    As part of my investigations into obtaining a euro 4 compliant petrol car, and not being completely crippled by car tax, it seems there are problems at every turn! 1 m271 timing gear failure or wear - any guidance on likely total cost of preventative change at 100k miles? 2 pre facelift w211...
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    Decisions Decisions

    There comes a point when I will have to get rid of 2 nice cars and buy one Euro 4 petrol car. It has to be an E class estate, probably facelift w211 2006+ because size and carrying capacity are important. The c230k and the e300d are going to have to go. Someone would probably buy the e300d...
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    w124 mono wiper maintenance

    There comes a point when the blade starts to sweep in jerky movements. It can take years to get tp this stage, but you must act immmediately. I am lucky enought to own a facelift 1994 type monowiper which has a of plastic trim which can be removed pretty easily in order to expose the "piston"...
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    What is this really?

    VERY RARE 1996 MERCEDES E36 AMG ESTATE AUTO SILVER | eBay seems to be generating some interest but if it was really genuine, would it not be written up better with better photos?
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    W124 estate interior lights stay on

    Doesn't matter what I do they stay on. Dash switch no effect in any position (used to turn them on/off) I've taken the 4 lights out - 2x rear pillar - 2x c pillar. Perhaps the door or tailgate don't believe they are closed? Fuse C seems to be providing the interior light power quite happily...
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    s124 rear axle front subframe mount

    One of these, the driver's side, is in a terminal condition. The curved triangular mount is on the point of coming away from the chassis. The chassis "looks" okay but only once the joint is cleaned up to bare metal will all become clear. I am thinking that if the rear subframe/axle needs to be...
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    200,000 Miles

    Haven't posted anything in a long while but wanted to share:- My 1999 w202 c230k saloon (reg MBC230K!) passed 200,000 miles yesterday. It only took 16 years, 15 of them in my ownership. Sadly, the cosmetic rust and car park dinks courtesy of her indoors detract from a pretty mechanically...
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    W124 E300D Estate vs GLA 220 CDI Hatchback

    I had the use of the more modern GLA whilst the w124 was having a water pump replaced. I thought I'd set out a chalk and cheese review. The GLA is a fairly nippy little beastie, but the 7 speed box changes up quite quickly and so there isn't really any aural feedback - it just goes quicker...
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